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Thread: Out of retirement with a question on arms warrior dps

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    Out of retirement with a question on arms warrior dps

    I haven't played since a very short stint late Cata so it took me a while to get the feel for a lot of the changes in the game, and I'm doing arms dps for the first time in my WoW career. I feel like I'm having some trouble with the priority rotation as I've gotten some conflicting information.

    What I've heard from the simply sites like Noxxic is to CS when its available and during CS time use MS > Slam > OP.
    Outside of CS use MS > OP Slam > filler like Shouts, Heroic throw, Dragons Roar / Stormbolt. And during Execute phase use Execute if over 40 rage > MS > CS > Slam > OP.

    However when I use this I only get to like....maybe 60k dps. My gear isn't anywhere near great I'm around ilevel 510ish equipped. I Know the main main problem will be my weapon, and if warriors are still horribly weapon dependent then that's my main issue. But I do want to make sure I have the proper rotation/priority system down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    not being fully gemmed or enchanted is probably having a rather negative effect on you Deeps even with that weapons

    TBH there is a lot of variability in the rotation depending on a lot of factors, mainly rage income. so if you can afford to slam during CS do so but not to the extent that you rage starve (same for recklessness). Ideally you'll also burn some rage with HS inside a CS, but once again if it starves you don't. because dragon roar deal fire damage and thus is unaffected by armor it should never be used inside a CS. however because Stormbolt is affected by armour it should exclusively be used inside a CS

    During the execute phase Execute should replace slam, and the only time you'd Execute outside a CS would be to keep the Sudden execute buff up (it makes Op free), or if the boss is going to die in the next few GCDs
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    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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