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Thread: (A - Stormrage) - <Metro> - 12/14HM - 25 Player Heroic Raiding Guild

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    (A - Stormrage) - <Metro> - 13/14HM - 25 Player Heroic Raiding Guild

    Metro is a 25 Player Alliance guild on Stormrage established July 2013 with the goal of serious progression, with a casual raid time requirement. We only raid two nights aweek with a 6 hour total raid time.

    About Metro:
    We raid Wednesday and Thursday, 9pm server until 12 am server (EST) [invites at 845 server];
    We use EPGP for our raids;
    We provide food, flasks, potions as well as repair money for our raiders;
    We are continuing this raid group in for Mythic raiding come WoD

    If you enjoy gnomes, care deeply about exfoliation, appreciate goodman-scaping, you may be Metro. If you are interested in a comfortable, supportive guild environment made up of raiders who have a great sense of humur and can bring it come raid time to blast through content, you may be Metro too.

    What we are looking for;

    We are looking for players who come prepared before raid starts, and get started rolling through content come raid time. We are looking for those individuals who can commit to the following:

    come with the knowledge of their class, spec;
    have researched and understand the mechanics of boss fights;
    have an excellent attitude and willingness to be part of a team atmosphere; and
    are able to arrive on time for invites and stay until raid completion.

    Our current recruitment needs (Minimum 575 ilvl):

    Tank: Warrior, Monk or Paladin
    Ranged: Warlock, Mage, Shaman
    Melee: Rogue & Fury Warrior
    Hybrid: Any class that has a dual spec (DPS/Healer) (DPS/Tank) or (Tank/Healer)who is versatile and skilled enough to play both.

    We are always interested in exceptional players - if your class isn't listed here and you are looking for a home check us out!

    Check out our guild website at metro.guildlaunch.com and fill out anapplication!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksend View Post
    Best bet also is find 2-3 healers you know to q with and tell them to forget everyone else and just keep you alive.

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