Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. Warlords of Draenor beta testing heats up with some Mythic mode bosses. What more could a girl with some flame dogs want? More flame dogs! This is a preview guide to the Flamebender Ka'graz Mythic encounter. If you haven't watched my guide to this fight on Heroic mode, please take a look at that first as I'll be referring to the mechanics in there a lot. Any changes for Mythic, I'll certainly be noting. As always, mechanics can change from the time a fight is beta tested to when it is actually released live.

So as usual for Mythic bosses, the health and damage of the boss and associated adds are increased. To note first, Aknor Steelbringer certainly has more health and will last longer during the first part of the fight. You still want to prioritize getting him down especially before the flame dogs come out otherwise he'll wreck your positioning for things like Molten Torrent and kiting dogs later on.

Speaking of dogs, that is the part of the fight that is most affected by Mythic mechanics. So instead of getting 2 dogs you actually get 4. But only one actually becomes overheated. The other 3 will fixate and chase raid members just like on heroic mode. This means there are 3 fire lines from each of those fixated dogs back to the overheated one.

Oh and even worse, if any of those fire lines cross the path of the enchanted armaments, the weapons will become empowered themselves and just spew a mini firestorm of their own all over the raid. If only one weapon does it, you can probably recover from it but multiple weapons getting flamed up is just a definite wipe. We'll talk about how to prevent this a little later when we go into strategy points.

Beyond those changed mechanics, there is of course still the extremely tight dps check on the flame dogs. Firestorm at 100 energy will just not be healable with it empowered by some dogs being alive. Oh yeah and if you mess up and don't kill all the dogs close to the same time, they'll heal to 100%, not just 30% like on Heroic so its pretty much a wipe there too. I didn't get a chance to see past one firestorm, the dogs were wrecking the pug group I was in but from my research it looks like the fight is unchanged after that. You still get the boss empowered for a little bit after the firestorm where you get the Rising Flames stackable dot so just do your normal tank swapping here.

So thats really it for changes. Everything else in heroic still applies so you have to stay spread for Lava Slash and have some stack groups for Molten Torrent. Oh and run away from the group for Blazing Radiance. So now we can talk a little about strategy points. I'm not going to say I have any Mythic strategy that will work since I didn't actually down this encounter myself during the testing. But I can just give some observations on things to look for or try. Obviously when the encounter goes live, I'll have a full guide when my guild downs it and its all happy skippy.

The big thing to deal with is the flame dogs and their mechanic changes. Obviously you have to be good about not standing in the fire lines linking the dogs. And since you want to evenly dps them, having them be somewhat grouped up is helpful. The really nasty thing is that the tanks need to be on alert for the switches for the Overheated one. Our tanks reported it was at least helpful to get some initial aggro on all of them when they spawned and then its just a matter of being ready to snap up the newly Overheated one.

Likewise, you really want to avoid kiting lines over armaments. So this points to a likely strategy for handling the first half of the fight. Weapons come out regularly and usually spawn on ranged. So for a little while, we tried to keep on one half of the room and as far back from the middle as we could. Obviously you are spread out for the lava slashes and will stack into groups for the Molten Torrent, but the hope is that you drop weapons on the edge of the room and slowly make your way towards the middle. Once the dogs come out, the raid would quickly run over to the other side of the room and use it to kite the dogs and get them down.

The hope obviously is that you are less likely to kite a dog over a weapon and empower it. Its not a guarantee since weapons will still keep coming out during the whole fight so you still have to be careful. And of course, its a hectic phase with kiting and Molten Torrents and all that. For the most part, it seemed we were having some good luck with having two kite points. Anyone who got a dog on them would head towards one or the other raid markers over here. As you can see, its all a big cluster of stuff so something better is probably out there for this but you still want to be hardcore focused on killing the dogs off quickly and not dying to all the other bajillion mechanics here.

Thats it for this guide on Flamebender Kagraz Mythic. Tanks, be aware of your extra tanking duties with the Overheated dogs. Healers, bust out the cooldowns if someone accidentally empowered an armament. And Dps, stack, spread, stack spread, kite dogs and watch that you don't do it over weapons. Thanks for watching. And as always, please comment, like and/or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and have a good one!