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Thread: Heroic Norushen & Fallen Protectors Analysis

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    Heroic Norushen & Fallen Protectors Analysis

    My relatively casual guild has tired of the weekly Normal mode stomping and decided to dip into Heroics with some rough initial results (no surprise).

    Wondering if local experts can comment on our logs and help me come up with some tips & guidelines for next week's attempts:

    Our Norushen kill 4 seconds from Enrage.

    Warfury had connection issues so we basically 24-manned it, so that's step one obviously.

    We keep losing folks early on to the mad rush of adds when the first wave or 2 of DPS are clearing their corruption.

    We gave up on Fallen Protectors, here's our best pull.

    Seems like Sha Sear really hit us hard. Is it advisable to have full time interrupters assigned to Sun?

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    Sha sear is an easy fix, simply have whomever it's target upon move 5 yards away from everyone else so it only hits them and not everyone within 5 yards. That's pretty much the what seems to be the issue, Noxious posion is much the same, people need to move out of it quicker the He tank should try to minimise it being placed around Sun. Corrupted brew is telegraphed as well so people can avoid being hit entirely unless they're rooted by Anguish, same for corruption kick be quicker on the moving out. Rook's vengeful strikes is hitting a lot of people. either the tank needs to position rook so he faces away form the raid, and DPS should make sure they are not in front of him. He tank needs to make sure he counters gouge.

    On Norushen people need to make sure they are ready to soak the Residual corruption (purple orb/poo) as soon as it spawns from the corpse of the big add. you could make sure that when you have 2 going in at once, on of them kills their big add first and the other kills their big add last. but really just make sure the little adds are dying pronto ( they have hardly much health) so that if a big add is up you can swap to it without being swamped by little adds.
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    Thanks for the quick response.

    We definitely had folks tunneling the boss on Norushen, despite my insistence that this would kill us all horribly and that I would check logs afterward. I guess I'll have to be more firm this week.

    Any insight into Norushen damage? I was shocked to bump up against the enrage timer. Even w/ one guy offline, I felt like I had a pretty good DPS team put together. Our strategy for clearing is 5 at a time and lust after all 20 are clear. Should we send more in up front to clear faster? Will people need to go in more than once?

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