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Thread: WoD - Protection Warrior Spreadsheet

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    Jul 2014
    effect number 3.

    i'll retest the dummy when i have a chance.
    i remember just taking the damage taken from my buff, and calculating the resolve in my spreadsheet and checking to see if it matched the buff again. it was dead on if i recall correctly. - but maybe i muddled something somewhere along the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frugos View Post
    Edit: Or has the damage of the tank dummies been adjusted, too?
    i'll try to verify tonight.

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    I'm really confused by the dummies now. The damage seems to be half as before, 30-45k (I get hit for 14-21k after armor, def stance and versatility). If I include the 2 multiplier, it should result in ~127% resolve on average without the dummy strike. the dummy strike strike is physical - but how can he result in bumping the resolve to 160-170% on average, if he is just doing ~13% of my damage taken?

    Edit: Your expression in some cells like bSummary!B7 are really long. I suggest to use something like HLOOKUP() in the future to simplify your work. That would result in something short like "HLOOKUP(race;race_table;2;0)" for the race_strength_bonus (race and race_table would simply be named ranges for a cell containing the race and a range containing the lookup table)
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    k, i'm showing average melee from the dummy as 35k (raw)
    average raw damage from the dummy strike seems to be 17.5k (sample set obviously smaller).

    resolve buff swings between 232k and 340k damage taken in the last 10 seconds - average ~286
    calculated average damage taken should be 251k to 268k (based on one or two dummy strikes in the last 10 seconds)
    i should likely run some more tests to see exactly how much resolve that dummy swing is giving.

    in any case
    when my resolve buff shows 317k damage taken, it shows a resolve percentage of 177%
    if i input 31.7k dps on the boss in my spreadsheet i get a resolve of 177.13%

    (but obviously if i'm counting that damage incorrectly, that doesn't prove anythign)

    i'll look into the vlookup style stuff as well.
    actually, i might throw some time at named ranges, see if i can't make everything a lot more readable that way.
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    alright, i'm pretty happy with my resolve calculation

    here's the dummy modelled at 35k melees 17.5k dummies (this seems to match in-game quite well)

    then i:
    removed the dummy swing.
    calculated resolve 0.1 seconds after a melee swing (138.52%)
    calculated resolve 1.4 seconds after a melee swing (90.36%)

    averaging those yields 114.44% resolve
    my calculation for a 35k swing every 1.5 seconds yields 114.25%

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