Do you want to get a progression kill on Garrosh before the pre-patch hits?

Original and Soulriders are two guilds on Shadowsong-EU Alliance that have joined together to finish off Siege of Ogrimmar. Two strong guilds that have been raiding 40 man (in Vanilla) and then 25 man in TBC, Wrath, Cata and Mop.

With the Siege slow down both Guilds had reached 11/14, we then joined up so that we can focus on finishing SoO rather than farming it, and after downing Klaxxi 3 times are currently focused entirely on putting Garrosh to the sword. So if you are interested on finishing this expansion on a high, and Getting your Feat of Strength and Mount and going into WoD with a strong set-up, please contact us.

We are still interested in recruiting DPS to get us through the summer slowdown as we all wait for WoD.

Please contact talk to either Baloo, or Myself:
- Balo÷ on MatthewMcW#2738
- Tipton on Tipton#1663


What are you raid times?

Wed, Thurs and Sun. 19.45 - 23.00

What are your requirements?

We are currently extending on Garrosh. So Apologies in advance, we will not be gearing you up. On upside -- you won't be gearing anyone else up. Just Pure Garrosh progression.

This does mean we are looking for 575 ilevel + good combat logs.

How are you progressing

We are currently hitting Phase 3, and learning that phase. This is after 4 raid days.

Two guilds, how does that work?

We (Original and Soulriders) are very pleased how this has worked out. It's got us two kills so far, Siege and Klaxxi. And means we can focus more on progression than the treadmill of gearing new players up (which is a risk for many guilds at this point in the expansion).

The plan is to merge before the Pre-patch, and leverage the experience and playerbase of both guilds going into WoD to be leading Guild on Shadowsong (and our conjoined Twin Aszune - see below).

What is Shadowsong-EU like?

It's probably the busiest Medium PoP realm, with a heavy Alliance bias. It's been joined by Aszune - another Medium Alliance Heavy Realm who have welcomed their new Shadowsong overlords with good grace.

Why join your guilds?

Both guilds have literally been raiding since year dot. We are not two 10's that have merged, we are 2 x 25 - with all the officer experience that entails.

If you want stability. We are it.