This is my first attempt at making a guide like this so please be kind.

Hi and welcome to the Protection Warrior Guide to The Proven Defender
My Name is Xaikar and I will be covering the general strategy for completing this task
I am by no means an expert on the subject, however these are the tips and tricks that I have for completing this feat.
First if you are looking up this guide it is already assumed that you have completed the Gold Tanking Proving Ground as a protection warrior.
That being said the Proven Defender of completing 30+ waves is not much different than completing the Gold Proving ground.
The waves that I personally found difficult to deal with were
Waves 2,6,7,9,12,16,17,19,22,25,26,27, 29
The nice thing about the protection warrior is we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help us defeat this task.

Letís look at Glyphs and Talents that we can choose from.
As far as talents are concerned personally I chose
Level 15 Double Time
Level 30 Enraged Regeneration
Level 45 Disrupting Shout
Level 60 Shockwave
Level 75 Mass Spell Reflection
Level 90 Avatar
The reason I chose Enraged Regeneration over second wind is often when your health would dip below the 35% threshold, you would either die or the NPC would not heal you enough to get you to a safe place.
As for the level 45 Talents I found both Piercing Howl and Staggering Shout to be useless. While Disrupting shout could be used on Waves 3 13 23, 6 16 26, 8 18 28, 10 20 30, that being said I really only used it once or twice.

Shockwave is a must. It is an on demand stun that can be used as a dps increase, or a getaway utility when combined with; intervene, charge, or heroic leap. In this video you will often see me shockwave followed by a charge a heroic leap to get away from mobs.
For the level 75 I debated on grabbing Vigilance vs Mass Spell Reflection. While Vigilance is the vastly better talent for players that do not know how to use charge or intervene correctly avoid the Wing Blast attack I found being able to ignore 1 caster and focus on the other with Mass Spell Reflection to be a benefit to me.

Same can be said for Avatar VS Blood Bath VS Stormbolt. All are fantastic talents, personally the way I used Avatar was in combination with my Skull Banner and Recklessness to try and burn down some of the harder waves faster instead of a situational use.
Do not underestimate the power of a Victory Rush a great RNG victory rush can sometimes make or break a wave so make sure you have an easy way to track it. Personally I edited my UI in this video to make sure I could see clearly when I had a victory rush available to me.
General Rule of thumb, make sure that you are always keeping shield block up and saving rage to make sure you have enough to deal with the Conquerors enrage as it hits very hard.

Major Glyphs
Heavy Repercussions
Hold the Line
Unending Rage

None Required
Do not take Glyph of Intimidating Shout
The reason for this is in Wave 5 15 and 25 we want to be able to fear away 2 of the 3 harder hitting mobs. If glyph of Intimidating Shout is selected instead of the mobs running away in fear they will be feared in place.

The reason I wanted to mobs to flee from me was so I could focus on just the one mobs and use its Wing Blast attack to knock me back farther and make the mobs come to me in order line up another shockwave stun.
The Tanking Proving Ground becomes harder and hard over time as after each wave the mobs begin to hit 1% harder than the previous wave. This is what makes wave 9 19 and 29 so brutal. For this run I was using a combination of both Dodge and Parry with a mix of Mastery. I found the timeless isle trinket to be fantastic for this as the mastery scaled rather well. Being well fed with stamina or strength food as well as using a stamina flask is highly recommended.

I am going to break down each wave of mobs and when I recommend using cool downs. When first attempting the Proven Defender, I recommend that you put the NPC on Focus and always help her DPS her target down, as her DPS is rather large and adding your dps to hers will help you get harder hitting mobs down faster.

Wave 1
Focus the Large Illusionary Ripper as this is her first target. Try to make sure your back is turned toward one of the barriers on the outer circle the reason for that is so when the Wing Blast attack hits you, you are not knocked back any further than you need to be on this first wave. This wave requires no kiting. Always make sure to keep thunderclap up on all mobs.

This wave is the first wave of nasty damage being dealt to you. There are little rabbit mobs are that are going to apply a growing bleed to you. The best way to manage this is wait until about 7-8 stacks are on you and then shockwave the entire group. Run away as far as you can within reason making sure to never turn your back to the mobs. Once you hit about the 10 stack mark for the 2nd time I recommend using shield wall. As soon as shockwave comes back off cool down make sure to use it again (it is important to note that if shockwave does not hit 3 targets it has a longer cool down make sure to use it at the right time for you), if needed follow up shield wall with enraged regeneration or in conjunction with. On this wave I also recommend using Skull Banner Avatar and Recklessness as the dps increase will help you kill them faster. While I do not use my dps cool downs on wave 2, I do use them on wave 12 and 22.

This wave consists of 2 Large Rippers and 2 Casters. I found it easy enough to gather the rippers inside the inner circle and take them to one of the casters. Once I had three of them together I would shockwave the 3 and charge to the other caster and kick as many casts as I could. I would let the other caster free cast on me and use spell reflection and mass spell reflection to send the attacks back. If I knew an attack were to get though I would use shield barrier otherwise I really only used shield block the entire time. Charge is an amazing ability; it can be used as a stun so use it to your advantage. While there is fire that is placed on the ground and tanking the mobs in it can prove as a major dps increase the high risk was not worth the reward to me and I chose to play it safe.

Wave 4
This wave starts with a Wind Guard and a Conqueror. Use the Wind Guard to your advantage, but make sure to focus your dps into your npcs target. Make sure to tank the Conqueror facing away from your NPC as the smash ability can stun you and her. While this might not wipe you, it is devastating. Getting knocked back from Wing Attack is huge as long as you do not lose agro. A few seconds of an enraged conqueror not hitting on you is a big deal. About 20 seconds into the fight an ambusher is going to spawn, pick it up and make sure to tank it away from the NPC as the AOE attack it does can kill her. This mob will apply a de buff that will slow you.

Wave 5
This wave felt like a filler wave, I always seemed to still have 1 Wind Guard up from wave 4. Pick up the 2 rippers and gather all the mobs in front of the caster and use shockwave right before Wing Blast. If like me you find that you have been blown back and you have lost threat on something quickly leap back to the npc or intervene or charge and quickly get the mobs off her. A few more ambushers are going to spawn throughout the fight just make sure to pick them up and tank them away from the npc. After the first set of adds die there really is not a good time to use shockwave again as you need it for the 6th wave. Using it here would put it on a 40 second cool down. Use a Health Stone if needed, the damage gets pretty rough on wave 25.

Wave 6
This is the wave where things could either go really right or really wrong later in the challenge. This wave only has 3 mobs and they are all Wind Guards. What I recommend doing is thunder clap to get threat on all 3 and immediately follow it up with a shockwave to stun all 3. Once the shockwave has expired use intimidating shout to fear the other 2 that the npc are not focusing away (This is why we did not use the glyph of intimidating shout). It is very important to be on your npcs target or you are just wasting the fear and the damage reduction by being on the wrong target. Once the fear as completed try and backup a bit from the feared mobs and make them come to you to line up another shockwave stun. At this time one of the guards should be rather close to death and you have only been taking damage from 1 guard rather than all 3. After that dies it no different than dealing with a normal wind guard. Make sure you donít lose threat after a wing attack and pick them back up quickly.

Wave 7
On this wave you will most likely still have up 1 Wind Guard up, this is what makes this wave so rough. I recommend quickly gathering up all the mobs and using shockwave right off the bat. Keep thunderclap and up and use demoralizing shout to reduce the damage being done to you use shield wall here it will be back up for wave 9 (make sure to use it early as all the high damage is at the start of the wave). Use the 2nd Wind Guard to your advantage if needed to get a little distance on the mobs. After all the little guys are dead make sure to save a shield block for the Conquerorís enrage. As per the normal donít stand in the Conquerors slam.

Wave 8
This is a breather wave catch your breath for a second before wave 9. While this wave can get a little scary it is not too bad. Kill the caster mob and pick up all the Ambushers and tank them away from the NPC. Make sure that you have all your defensive cool downs going into wave 9 you need them.

Wave 9
This is the wave that killed me the most as it is a very high damage wave. As I previously stated in the guide each wave you make it through will cause the next wave to be 1% stronger. So by wave 29, the adds are 28% stronger and wave 9 alone is rough to deal with.

To start shockwave the entire group of rippers and demoralizing shout them. The Wind Guards can make or break you here. Using the Wing Blast attack as an escape can be great, just make sure that you pick them back up asap or then can kill your npc. 20 Seconds into the wave an Ambusher is going to spawn. Make sure to pick it up right away use charge to get to it if needed. At this point in time you should be able to shockwave again do it. Once shockwave expires use a demoralizing banner and shield wall. More ambushers are going to spawn, do not be afraid to use enrage regeneration or your health stone here if needed. Try to save the health stone as I found them most useful in the 20+ wave area.

Wave 10
This wave is not too bad at the start but by wave 30 you are on edge and are more likely to make a mistake. Stay calm relax, take care of the caster first while making sure to save a shield block for the Conquerors enrage. 25 seconds into the wave an Ambusher is going to spawn pick it up and make sure you are dpsing the NPCs target. Donít stand too close to the npc with the ambusher donít get hit by the slam that being said you have completed wave 10. The odd of having the Ambusher alive going into wave 11 21 and 31 are pretty high but you can quickly kill it off at the start of the next wave.

Waves 11-31 are similar to wave 1-10 so I will not be covering them individually. Stay calm and relaxed. Keep track of your victory rushes. This is not an easy task to complete so donít be discouraged by wipes. Attached is the footage of my run good luck and have fun.

A quick reference for this guide on when to use big cool downs.
Wave 2,12,22,32| Shield Wall, Enraged Regeneration, Demoralizing Shout, Demoralizing Banner, Skull Banner , Avatar, Last Stand
Wave 5| Health Stone (If needed)
Wave 6,16,26| Enraged Regeneration
Wave 7,17,27| Enraged Regeneration
Wave 9,19,29| Shield Wall, Enraged Regeneration, Demoralizing Shout, Demoralizing Banner, Skull Banner , Avatar, Last Stand