<Blackjack And Hookers>
]25m / 20m
Su/Tu/Th 10p-1a EST

<Blackjack and Hookers> is a 25/20 player end game raiding guild whose focus is downing content, at a reasonable pace, on a reasonable schedule. Our core is comprised of raiders ranging from US15 through US50. We are all long time raiders that have played together many times in the past through many expansions and games, always meeting up in random guilds on random servers, but this time we decided to make our own guild: With blackjack... and hookers. This time, we're doing it right.

We are looking for more for our 25 player Heroic and 20 player Mythic core. All applicants are welcome to apply to the guild, as we are always open to taking someone who feels they can perform at their best, but without the ability to commit to a 30 hour a week schedule.

Below are our direct needs:

Ranged DPS - All flavors
Melee DPS - All flavors
Tanks - open to accepting applications, it is a low need but if you make the fit you will get a spot.
Healers - Hpal, Shaman, MW monk


Kj - krakenjack#1469
Meanmuggin - FaceCrewCiC#1301