Soulriders of the Felwen, Shadowsong - Eu, 25 man raiding 13/14 heroic 3 days a week.

We are currently recruiting to help with progression in SoO Heroic 25 man and for WoD Mythic, We’re currently 13/14hc down having killed Paragons and working on Garrosh.

We aim to clear SoO heroic and get our raiders a cool iron scorpion mount by the end of this expansion.

Current recruitment needs:
Melee dps: - All classes
Ranged dps: All classes
Healers: All classes

Even if your class isn't listed - please put in an application - exceptional applications will always be considered.

About Soulriders:
A semi - casual 25 raiding guild on Shadowsong-EU, that’s been raiding since MC days, we raid three days a week:

Wednesday - 19.40 inv, start 20.00 until 23.00
Thursday - 19.40 inv, start 20.00 until 23.00
Sunday - 19.40 inv, start 20.00 until 23.00
We are currently in a raiding alliance, as detailed below:-

Original and Soulriders of the Felwen, both long standing 25man alliance guilds on Shadowsong - eu, agreed to an Alliance when it comes to raiding for the rest of MoP.

Both guilds were 11/14hc, 25man guilds going into this Alliance but due to the delay in WoD, SoO being out so long, burnouts, break etc both guilds didn't feel like giving up, so we agreed to team up so we could continue to provide our players content, and continued progression.

We started working in partnership on the 30th April '14 and watched Blackfuse 25hc die together on the 18th May '14 --- Siegecrafter Blackfuse kill as a raiding alliance. - Link to Original's recruitment thread

Our previous (solo) guild accomplishments are:
SoO 25 normal:- Garrosh Hellscream October 21, 2013
Most recent (solo) kill - 25 Hc:- Thok - Feb 25, 2014
ToT 25 normal:- Lei Shen - May 28, 2013 (hc 11/13 - 10, offnight runs)
All previous content cleared on normal with at least some heroic bosses killed.

Flasks and Pots are mandatory for raiders / tryouts; however the guild generally funds repairs, food and enchants for the raid team.


Our minimum requirements for recruitment are:-
- Commit to playing within a dedicated raid guild at high level.
- Have high attendance.
- Have a good understanding of the theory and mechanics behind their class.
- Have a fully working and reliable computer and internet connection, DC's make us cry.
- Be willing to dedicate time outside of raids to preparation, both consumables and research prior to new fights.
- Be able to focus totally during raids, this means no TV/Music/MSN/other.
- Have Teamspeak 3 and use it, preferably with a microphone as well.
- Have a will to progress, not farm, and enjoy the wiping that comes with it.
- Be friendly and willing to help and enjoy your time in the guild
- Understand and agree with our guild rules and the way we work.
- Be able to take constructive criticism and build on any points raised
Please whisper an officer in game with any questions you may have:
Ranged lead: Bacchanalian,
Melee lead: Sostratus,
Healer lead: Nemesisx,
Tank lead / GM: Tipton.

Feel free to Add my battle tag = Tipton#1663

OR visit the website and fill in App