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Thread: Prot Warrior Alpha Concerns

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    Prot Warrior Alpha Concerns

    I posted this EU forums and Tweeted it at Holinka And Celestalon. I've tried to stay away from the mathy side of things.

    • Execute is wank
    • Losing some procs
    • Gladiator stance not being able to use T6 talents
    • Slows
    • Charge lost it's stun and we lost a spell reflect and we still have a shared CD on our interrupts.
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    * Execute needs a change/removal indeed. With current Arms changes, it could be packed into Slam and make the actual skill Fury only.
    * Agree on Rage part of SnB being vital, perhaps a melee proc giving X Rage on next SB/Revenge instead?
    * I think you mean T5 talents (Safeguard row), which seems stupid indeed. No reason a DPS prot war can't use utility talents while Arms/Fury war could.
    * Slow on TC does not work well with the Glyph, also makes Staggering Shout the favourite on T3 talent row and Piercing Howl kind of shite. From a PvE PoV, I could live with Disrupting Shout just replacing Pummel as 15s CD AoE interrupt as choice vs the slow/root shouts. Regardless, that Shout row needs an overhaul. Maybe replace PH with a passive mobility effect for Battle/Commanding Shout?
    * Guess my OMFG for Warriors will have to wait a couple of days, because I smell changes to come

    Edit: Also not a fan of the damage increase of Enrage for Prot, especially with Rage gain + Riposte embedded, seems too powerful right now.
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