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Thread: Problems with threat Pally tank

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    Problems with threat Pally tank

    So I started tanking again after a break from wow, I'm having issues holding threat in LFR I always seem to be right under the tank but cant get the grip on threat I had before I stopped playing.

    So just thinking there might be something wrong im doing in my rotation. Any help would be awesome and some survival tips would awesome to!

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    What kind of uptime of Shield of the Righteous are you seeing? if it is consistently lower than 40% then you need to get better at the rotation.

    CS J X CS X J CS X X

    where X is Avengers' Shield, Holy Wrath, Hammer of Wrath, Consecrate and the level 90 talent.

    You can set your loot specialization to Retribution for most bosses, to avoid getting that nasty parry and dodge gear.

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    How long ago did you take your break? Probably also getting windsong enchant for your weapon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    Probably also getting windsong enchant for your weapon.
    This, for starters. Colossus was meh at best at the launch of MoP when we had half the HP we do now.

    Also as Fetzi said, there are a lot of fights where you can quite safely stick your Loot Specialization on Retribution. The exceptions are fights you actually want Prot weapon/shield/trinkets, or a fight where the loot for Ret is only crit gear, so get familiar with the loot tables.

    As far as threat goes though, even with the double threat during the duration of taunt it's still possible for another tank to pull threat back with their built up vengeance and the use of their harder hitting abilities, especially since every other tank class procs a Crit at least 4 times as often as Paladins. So even if you're doing your job and rotation perfectly, you can still get derailed by careless/moronic co-tanks. And then if they have more then 10 iLvL's on you it can be even worse, which considering you're sitting at 512 isn't far from likely. So basically given all of that, you need to be as proficient as possible at your rotation! And then when in doubt feel free throw out a HoSalv or even a HoP** on your co-tank.

    ** I'd reserve the Hand of Protection for a case where you REALLY need to send a message... or if you just feel like being a prick I guess...

    Also you're .25% under hit cap, which is only about 85 hit rating. While the odds of that causing you any problems are very low, it's still generally a good idea to go slightly over cap than under.

    Unrelated to threat, unless you're tanking a boss with a hefty stacking DoT Hand of Purity is quite MEH, whereas Unbreakable Spirit is borderline overpowered because of the reduced CD on Divine Protection, even more so on a fight where you have it un-gpyphed for pure magic reduction. And the only bosses with stacking DoT's are swap at 3 or 4 stacks and don't really get out of hand unless you're really lacking HP, or your co-tank dies...... or sticks his thumb up his butt because you taunted off of him therefor his job must be done for the rest of the fight. Yes I have had that happen to me more than once in LFR.

    Think that about sums it up.... If you could show us a combat log we could give you some more direct rotation pointers other than: "Make sure you're doing this, this and this, oh and don't forget that!"
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