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Thread: Problem Tanking Iron Juggernaut Hc

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    Problem Tanking Iron Juggernaut Hc

    Hi there,
    I got a little Problem Tanking Iron Jugger on HC,
    tried to Shield Barrier the Ignite Armors ( found it hard to land a Barrier just before a new stack applies).
    But I got massive Problems at getting enough Rage together (my Healers told me that my taken Damage is lil spikey so i now reforged more mastery for the next raid).
    Now my real Question is, how should I line up S.Barriers and S.Blocks at this fight ?
    (My Char
    http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/characte...elknabe/simple )
    (logs for today: and jep i failed ...

    Hope someone can help me !

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    As a prot warrior you should always keep SBlock recharging, i.e. use it at least once every seconds, at a cost of 6.66RPS, the Flame vents come every 10s or so, so a full strength Sbar will require 6rps, putting total RPS required at 12.666rps, which is doable.given that theirs is time when you don't have aggro

    the problem is that you're neglecting shield block which will make you spiky as fuck (Jugg's melee hits almost as hard as his flame vents and that happens every 1.5s). I'd also make sure to cast demo shout after the second flame vent, as it will cathc the third flame vent and will cover the point when you take the most damage (as the 3rd stack of ignire armour should typically be happening when you're not taking boss melee).
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    thank you very much ! I`ll try this on the next raid (tomorrow).

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