Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. These are the achievements that reward the Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider meta achievement which nets you a pretty Galakras looking mount. These achievements can be done in Flex, Normal or Heroic mode. This is part four of four and we'll talk about the achievements for the last 3 bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar, Siegecrafter Blackfuse, Paragons of the Klaxxi and Garrosh Hellscream.

Here are some annotations to skip ahead to the particular boss achievement you might be looking for.

First up is Siegecrafter Blackfuse. The achievement here is called, “Lasers and Drills and Magnets! Oh My!” and reads “Defeat Siegecrafter Blackfuse without destroying each of the following weapons in Seige of Orgrimmar.”” So what this achievement refers to is the weapons that come out on the conveyor belt during the encounter. Its also an achievement that can be earned across different kills of the boss. That is, you'll have to kill him at least twice to get this achievement. A normal strategy for all difficulties of this fight is to send some dps up to the conveyor belt to destroy one of the weapons that comes out. If you avoid killing one of the weapon types, you'll get credit for that part of this achievement.

For example, you could do this encounter and only kill missiles. That would give you credit for lasers, magnets and mines. Then the next time you kill it, you only kill mines on the belt. Then bam, you got the achievement. Obviously, this is a little easier to do on Flex mode than Heroic when considering your strategy but just have to get your raid used to seeing some mechanic that they may not have seen before in your normal kills and then you are good to go.

Moving on to Paragons of the Klaxxi. Given the complexity of the encounter, you would be expecting a complex achievement. Sure enough this explanation will get a little complex so get ready. The achievement for Paragons is called, “Now we are Paragon” and reads “Defeat the Paragons after assuming the mantle of three different Paragons in Siege of Orgrimmar.”

So it may not be well-known but every time you kill one of the bosses in the Paragon encounter, you can click on their dead body and possibly pick up a buff depending on what role you are playing in the fight. The goal of this achievement is, over the course of many different kills of the encounter, pick up 3 different buffs from the Paragons. The trick here is to figure out who is going to pick up what buff during the encounter so you can help your raid group members get this one. Its an individual achievement.

So there are 4 different types of buffs here. Ones that anyone can pick up, ones that only tanks can pick up, ones that only dps can pick up, and of course, finally ones that only healers can pick up. Anyone can pick up Kaztik's and Rikkal's buffs. Tanks can pick up Korven's buff. Healers can pick up Xaril's and Iyyokuk's buff. And dps can pick up Karoz's, Skeer's, Kilruk's and Hisek's buff. You might see that list and think that tanks and healers can't possibly finish the achievement. But remember, anyone can pick up Kaztik's or Rikkal's buff so you can cover it there. So maybe the first time, the tank picks up Korven's buff. But then the next kill, let them have Rikkal's buff, and then finally on the 3rd kill, give them Kaztik's.

Really this achievement is all about killing this encounter multiple times and making sure the right people get the right buff to progress on the achievement. So just do a little homework before the pull and see what people need and go from there.

And finally we come to Garrosh Hellscream and his lovely achievement. It is called “Strike!” and reads “Kill 18 Korkron Warbringers with a single Iron Star.” I'll explain the method of this achievement in a second, but realize it is extremely bugged. Its possible that if you've killed Garrosh on any difficulty, you may already have this one. It was even possible in LFR to get this until they hotfixed that. But anyway, lets talk about what you are supposed to do regardless of bugs.

So in the first phase of the Garrosh encounter, two Siege Engineers pop out on either side of the room and start energizing Iron Stars. If they are allowed to finish, the Iron Star rolls across the room destroying everything in its path. Usually groups will kill one of the engineers and then let one iron star roll across half of the room. Now, the trick is to get the packs of Korkron Warbringers that spawn into the path of the Iron Star and have them die to it.

First off, you'll need to get the warbringers to about half health for them to die to the iron star. So make sure you don't slaughter the adds too quickly as often happens these days with all our fancy gear. Then position the adds close to the middle of the room and just as the iron star is rolling by, use some kind of knockback to get them into the path of the iron star. You can use druid's typhoon, shaman's thunderstorm, or if you want to get really fancy, you can use a DK's mass grip to grip all the adds to something like a monk's statue. Whatever it takes, get it done.

Now the buggy part of the achievement is that it doesn't seem to require you to actually get 18 of them hit by a single Iron Star. In order to accomplish that, you'd have to kite around 3 sets of warbringers who would be massively buffed by Garrosh by that time. So again, just try to get some hit over the course of your pulls and progression on this boss or just kill him on Flex and make sure you get a bunch hit. Sorry for the let down, this achievement would've been really awesomely hard if it was not buggy.

And thats it for part four of this achievement guide. And that's it for this guide on the meta achievement for Siege of Orgrimmar. If you have additional tips on any of these achievements or any other comments, post them below and of course subscribe and leave a like on the video if it was helpful. Catch you soon and have a good one!