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Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. Its that time, break out the bug spray its Paragons of the Klaxxi Heroic time. This is 25 man again and this guide will have a lot of details in it. Strap in and lets get to it. 2 tanks are needed as usual for this fight and depending on your dps, you have a wide range of possible healing approaches. This guide shows a 6 healing approach, but 4 healing is certainly doable depending on strat. As always, you'll need to be familiar with the normal mode of this encounter to understand the heroic changes.

The first change for heroic in this encounter is that instead of the Paragons gaining a stacking buff every time you kill one of them, the Paragons will gain that stacking buff every 50 seconds. Besides the tight enrage timer, this serves as somewhat of a limiter of your strategy. You can't leave a really dangerous Paragon up alive for too long.

The other heroic change for this encounter is to give each one of the Paragons some additional nasty ability. I'll go through each of the Paragons in the order they spawn and explain their additional mechanics and then we'll talk about the strategy approach we took and how all those interesting mechanics work in conjunction.

Skeer the Bloodseeker will be active at the start and for his additional mechanic in heroic, he really only gains an additional blood that he summons. So in 10man, you used to only get 2 bloods, now you'll get 3. In 25 man, you got 3 before, now you get 4. Most strategies work on killing Skeer first or second so you won't really have to deal with this much.

Rikkal's new change for heroic mode is that if you get turned into a scorpion, you MUST consume one of the parasites he spawns within the 15 seconds you are a scorpion, otherwise you will straight up die. This means parasites are going to have to be around for people to eat so this makes the tank's job extremely critical. They have to sometimes allow the Injections to happen to let parasites be eaten. We'll talk more on this in the strategy section.

Hisek is the last of the initially spawned Paragons and his additional ability is really rough on raids. Periodically he will use Rapid Fire. This sends waves of sonic pulses out from Hisek that spread out as they get further away. In most strategies, you'll really have to get used to this one. The further you are from where it is spawning, the easier it will be to find gaps and pass safely through. If you get hit, its generally going to kill you. Early on, it might not but even with a few buffs, its going to kill. So safety dance!

Karoz is fairly simple with all his mechanics. And even his heroic mechanic is just to throw more pools of Amber when he leaps about. However, most strategies involve leaving Karoz for last so he will have a huge damage buff on him by the mid section of the fight. That means you have to be super careful to avoid his Whirling and get out of his Amber pools quickly. Fortunately, both of these abilities are completely avoidable. He even telegraphs where the Amber is going to land. Look at this here and always be sure to run away from it. You'll get hammered if you don't.

Korven's heroic ability throws your strategy for a big loop and will also cause a big dps check to occur. Basically his Encase in Amber ability can no longer be killed by players. The Amber is immune to any attacks. The only thing that can break it is if you kill Karoz, you can Hurl Amber down at the Amber encasing and break it. Since you aren't likely to do that given Karoz's easy mechanics, what you have to do is trick Korven into using this on another Paragon and then burst Korven down while his Encasement ability is on cooldown. Very tricky and we'll talk more on this in the strategy section.

Iyyokuk has a basic change to his Fiery Edge ability and is the first to have a change to his gained ability that he gives to any healers who get his buff from his dead body. His Fiery Edge will simply hit more targets so you have to be careful about spreading out and being apart from others that are affected by Fiery lines. His Ingenious ability that he gives to healers will now only copy heals to any raid member that shares the same class unlike the Normal version of this ability which copies heals to raid members who share the same class or race as the original target of the heal.

Pushing on to Xaril, here comes a biggie in terms of changing the encounter. Everyone still gets assigned a primary color when Xaril comes down. But now Xaril will activate Orange, Purple, or Green Catalysts. So if Orange is called out, anyone with Red or Yellow will be affected. If Green is activated, Blue and Yellow people will be affected. And of course, if Purple is called, Red and Blue peeps will have to do something.

So what do the colors do? Orange will cause a big halo-like effect to spawn from everyone affected. Your own halo doesn't affect you, but if you get hit by the edge of anyone else's halo, you take significant damage. Green will spawn poison puddles at people's feet. If you stand in the puddle, you'll take a dot and debuff that causes you to suffer additional damage from further puddle dots. If the puddle inflicts the dot on 3 people, it will disipate. Lastly, Purple will cause all affected to be forced to run forward and drop a purple void zone cloud behind them for about 8 seconds. Initially you aren't harmed by your own cloud so you can walk in a circle up until the end of it and then you'll want to head away from your own clouds.

Moving on to Kaztik, he really doesn't change much for heroic. His Sonic Projection is now pretty deadly so tanks will need to be careful to point this in a direction that no one is standing to avoid random deaths. What we primarily noticed was that he would usually Mesmerize people to the same Kunchong over and over until the Kunchong came out to feast on everyone. Handling his normal mechanics well will serve you to avoid having to do additional millions of damage into extra adds. Oh and please avoid activating any of these guys accidentally. If you didn't know from normal mode, they can come out if you walk too near them or if they drift into your path. Watch yourself!

Finally Kilruk will use Reave more frequently which is an ability that sucks you in while doing raid wide damage. Just run away from him as much as you can and finish him off. The further away you are, the less damage it does.

Whew, well thats all the new boss abilities so now its time to get into strategy. With a fight like this, there are of course numerous ways to slice it. What seems somewhat universal is killing off Skeer early on so as to not deal with his bloods and then also killing Karoz last since he is somewhat easy. Usually groups will kill Korven off as soon as he spawns because of the annoying Encase in Amber ability. People will kill Xaril immediately as well because the new Catalysts are really detrimental to the group.

So how it looked for us in the end was this for Kill order. Skeer, Rikkal, Korven, Hisek, Xaril, Kaztik, Iyyokuk, Kilruk, and finally Karoz. We originally tried killing Iyyokuk before Kaztik but with 6 healers, we found we could manage the increasing damage of Fiery lines in exchange for having to deal less with Kunchong fun.

From here, I'm going to lead you through phase by phase and point out details on what is going on per phase because there are a lot of details that I can point out that will save you many a wipe.

On the pull, you get Skeer, Rikkal, and Hisek. You want to kill Skeer first, but you want his first set of bloods to go to another Paragon. So you open by dpsing Rikkal for a bit until those first bloods spawn and start heading to Rikkal. Then you go all out on Skeer. A note for tanks, keep those guys separated as sometimes the bloods will splash heal nearby paragons. After that occurs, you can take Skeer and Rikkal over to the entrance where you'll be tanking bosses for a little while. You may get a second set of bloods spawning before you kill Skeer, you must setup a stun rotation here and slow them to buy as much time as you can to kill Skeer.

In the meantime, you'll also have to have your raid members dealing with becoming scorpions and your tank has to let at least one set of parasites out for them to eat. Becoming a scoprion happens to dps and it will be weird for everyone involved but they have to get used to it. Your first priority as a scorpion is to find a parasite to eat, target it, then press number 4. If you can do it fast enough, its possible to eat up 2 parasites per scorpion transformation. Being able to do that is helpful but make sure you don't eat too many extra or else there might not be enough parasites for everyone.

And of course, you'll be dealing with Hisek's Rapid Fire and Aim abilities. Rapid Fire is something to be very careful with as I mentioned earlier. Its part of the reason you tank the bosses near the entrance for awhile. That way, its easier to find the gaps. Aim of course must be handled like normal mode. You'll need a group of dedicated soakers. Warlocks and rogues are good for this duty but at least make sure you have 6 or so people to soak with backups.

And still on the subject of Aim, be sure to abuse any abilities that certain classes can use to get out of Aim entirely. For example, hunters can feign death, feral druids can symbiosis hunters for feign death, priests can spectral guise, and mages can use improved invisibility to get out of it as well. For these classes, Aim will simply not go off at all although you should be careful. For example, if I feign death when a rapid fire is coming out, I still will be rooted and thus might eat a rapid fire ball. You can delay activating your "get out of jail free" card until such mechanics pass you, or simply tell the healers to watch out because you can't avoid something.

Warlocks and monks can solo soak Aim if they get fixated. Just be careful with warlocks as they'll take the damage over time. Beyond that, just be careful the longer Hisek is alive. Aim will do more and more damage. You may need to add soakers or help out with healing cooldowns.

So back to the bosses, you kill off Skeer while making sure his bloods don't reach him and now Karoz comes down. Here you are killing off Rikkal while dealing with parasites, scorpions, aims and rapid fires. Throw on the whirling and Amber pools from Karoz and its a joyous time! For us, it looked like we needed 4 scorpion mutates to handle the dps and to eat all the parasites from 2 injections. Have people call out if they can eat 2 parasites when transformed. It'll help you decide when to push the phase here on killing Rikkal. Sometimes we had to slow dps or even stop to get that 4th mutate. If you have an extra parasite after its all done, just single target it down quickly. Be sure to not interrupt its feed cast as it'll more quickly regnerate to full health.

For raid positioning, as I said, the bosses will be generally at the entrance to the room. Ranged and healers should try to be together on one side of the room or another. Once a Hurl Amber is happening, just switch sides quickly. Its important to note that if you are a class that needs help soaking an Aim, you should try and stay close to the rest of the raid, otherwise Aim soakers might not get to you in time. Once again, always be watching for Rapid Fires because they are completely avoidable.

Now Korven is down. You retain the same positioning and here is the kicker with Korven. You need to trick him into using his Amber on another Paragon while bringing him close to 50%. So you should split up dps to bring probably Hisek to below 50% while getting Korven around 55%. Be very careful here. Korven can delay using his Amber quite a long time and you may push him to use it on himself accidentally. Assuming you get it right and he Ambers Hisek, you will burn up some dps CDs and kill Korven quickly. This is a tight dps timer so if you are consistently missing this, try to get Korven closer to 50% and make sure to save cooldowns for it.

For tanks, there is a nice little trick to beating some of these enrage timers and it involves picking up the Scorpion buff from Rikkal once he dies. If you transform into a scorpion with a lot of vengence, you will do an amazing amount of damage to whatever boss you are killing off. You do have to be very careful though because you still are being attacked by the boss and you are also taking some damage just from being transformed. It would be great to pop some cooldowns before and warn healers when you are transforming.

And now the real fun begins after Korven is dead. Iyyokuk activates and you start to have to deal with his Fiery lines. For positioning, you need to spread out around the room. We would setup groups of 3 to 4 ranged and healers at these different corners of the room. This let a healer focus on their group along with the tanks. The kill target now is Hisek as his Aim is doing a huge amount of damage at this point. In fact, for Aims here, you probably want 7 or 8 people in there with strong defensives unless you get lucky and the person can solo soak it.

Since you are repositioning to the middle of the room, you now have to be more aware of Rapid Fires especially tanks and melee. Watch boss timers and run out as soon as it starts going off. Speaking of positioning still, one thing we learned later on in progression is that the fire lines from Ikky, thats my pet name for him, anywho, those fire lines don't hurt as bad if you are spaced away from other targets of the fire lines. You may think you've achieved that good spacing just by being spread around the room but if someone right next to you is fixated by a line and it connects to you, you are both doing a crapton of damage to each other. Best to spread away from that person even if it puts you out of position for your group for a little bit.

And speaking of damage, you really really have to be awesome at dodging both the Amber pools and Whirlings from Karoz at this point. He is hugely buffed and will slaughter your raid. Don't forget about this, its important! Once Hisek is down, you now have to deal with the dreaded Xaril.

Remember there are 3 different possible colors he'll call out and likely 2/3rds of the raid will be affected. For every single one of them, if you are affected you MUST run out of the raid and drop whatever it is away from others. If you get purple, remember to drop your void clouds in a tight area. The edges of orange halos need to be avoided and green puddles should be dropped outside the raid although they will wander around after that. One note on green puddles, as I mentioned awhile back, you can stand in the puddle 3 times to get rid of it but you have to do it over a long period of time. The debuff you get will last for a minute and it significantly increases the damage you take from the puddles. I accidentally picked up 2 debuffs once and it just about killed me even with super high heals. Just try to have the raid soak the puddles slowly and at low raid damage times to eventually take care of these.

Now Xaril is your immediate target when he gets down. This is probably the best place to use lust. The goal is to only get one of the Catalysts activated before he dies. Its not a raid killer, but its really something to strive for especially in terms of overall dps. Use 2nd pots, major CDs and whatever else. If your tank that has the scorpion ability can use it during this phase do it. But be careful it doesn't coincide with other nasty abilities like fire lines or catalysts.

Once Xaril is dead, its time to decide what boss you are killing next. Kaztik hops down and introduces the lovely Kunchong fun. Unfortunately Ikky is hitting your raid pretty hard at this point with the fiery lines. If you haven't worked out raid cooldown rotations, now is the point where you'll be cycling through them if not earlier. We had so many problems with the Kunchongs that we decided to kill Kaztik first before Ikky especially since we were 6 healing it.

Kaztik doesn't really bring many more fancy toys over his normal mode mechanics but you really need to have people focus on Mesmerize Kunchongs and if one breaks out, prioritize it. If you get really lucky, a priest will get fixated by a Mesmerize and can spectral out of it. That saves you an amazing amount of time and dps but don't bank on it. Tanks, remember to point Kaztik away from the majority of the raid since his Sonic Projection hurts like hell on heroic.

Getting close to the end, stick with it. Once Kaztik dies, Ikky is the priority with Kilruk joining the fight. Tanks, remember that if you tanked Xaril, you have a nasty debuff on you that increases the damage you take from Kilruk. This can be BoPed off or just remember that the Xaril tank shouldn't pick up Kilruk. Kilruk will do his Reave and Death from above that you definitely need to avoid but now its a race to the end. Kill off Ikky while using as many healing and personal cooldowns to survive.

Now its just Kilruk and the ultra buffed Karoz to kill. Kill off Kilruk and then get to Karoz. Some may note that you can kite Karoz for awhile after the enrage timer as he spends his time leaping around and whirling and all that. Its true, you probably have an extra 45 to 60 seconds if you are lucky and good at bouncing him around. But don't bank on killing him quickly when all that is happening. We killed it with 9 seconds to go until enrage and thats with a few dps dead near the end. There are a TON of areas that you can work on in terms of optimizing dps that would make this guide an hour long but just try to get Karoz at least mostly dead before enrage and you should be fine.

Whew. Thats a long one there. But let me give a few last tips to finish out. This fight does have some dps and healing checks but it is seriously about avoiding avoidable mechanics and properly dealing with other mechanics. If you do it all properly and have a full raid staying alive, that is way more important than anything else. If you have random deaths to Aim or Whirling or Amber pools or whatever else, correct it fast. Its going to be a long progression if you don't. That extra cast of ice lance is not worth standing for a second in an Amber pool with Karoz massively buffed at the end. You are dead before you know it.

Also, many have said this is a big RNG fest. Do not believe it. There are ways to deal with everything you encounter. For example, people will complain that they get Aim and then Rapid fire hits them when they feign death. Sure, the aim still roots you and then you can't move for Rapid Fire and bam, dead. But its up to you to identify ways around that. For example, if you get Aim and Rapid Fire is going to hit you in the next 2 seconds, hold off on breaking out of the Aim until the last moment. Aim gives you a bit of immunity from other mechanics. But you lose that when you break it even if you are still rooted. So just hang tight, delay your invis or feign death or whatever and let Rapid Fire go by, then break the Aim.

Thats just one example but there are many more in this fight that has a ton of mechanics. So don't give up on accepting some early deaths due to the mighty god of RNG. Even if its a matter of asking for a hand of sacrifice or wasting a major cooldown, do it and live. Dead dps and heals, do no dps or heals.

Before we close out, you might be asking about what to do with the buffs from the Paragon's dead bodies. For the most part, assign people to pick them up. Certainly a tank should pick up Rikkal's scorpion ability and some ranged should pick up Hisek's bang bang one. But beyond that, just throw them to whomever will benefit most and be good at using it. I ended up picking up the Kunchong buff from Kaztik for fun and profit. It worked out to quite a bit of damage so be sure to not ignore these.

Well that was certainly my longest guide ever so thanks for hanging around through it all. I promise you'll reference a lot of this later and go, "oh yeah, thats what he was talking about here." There is so much to this fight and its pretty rough on guilds. Lots of personal responsibility for raiders. But anywho, swat the bugs and then move on to the biggest baddest orc around. As always, please comment, like and/or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and have a good one!