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Thread: Over Raided OVERLOAD: Episodes 21-23!

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    Over Raided OVERLOAD: Episodes 21-23!

    Sorry for the delay gang, don't ya hate it when real life interferes with WoW?

    Raid Leading Skills

    Flying in Draenor

    Bonus! Raid dev blog discussion

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    Thank you! Have been logging on daily and was afraid you'd disappear us like Agg did. Love your shows. Hope you include the Insane-progress (expect you to be done, but have been wondering).

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    These were from the past few weeks and I forgot to say where I ended up in Eps 24 (which I'm hopefully polishing and posting today). But I ended the Darkmoon week like 14k/21k into revered so no Insane achievement for me until next Darkmoon *sadpanda*

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    I'm still around... I just got way too busy with RL to do any more videos =(
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    26:40 of your Raid Leadering video...... yeah, those were the good old days.... not having to worry about any of the stuff previously mentioned.
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