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Thread: O hai TS

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    O hai TS

    I couldn't help but notice how empty this place feels since Lore works for Blizzard now =( I'm making this post in hopes that somebody may see it and prove me wrong!

    I'm Ulvi, I play a holy paladin on Whisperwind US. When I'm not playing my paladin I'm either on one of my many alts, (mainly horde but I'm leveling an alliance toon atm) failing miserably at Hearthstone, or as of late, farming rifts on Diablo 3 =)
    I find myself with loads of free time lately and am looking for some new friends / acquaintances to spend some of my free time with. I'm one of those infamous "forums lurkers", I love reading various game forums, and find it very interesting to discuss theorycraft. I'm a healer for <The Aftermath> On Whisperwind with our new raid group currently progressing 3/14H.

    Nice to meet you.

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