Seventy years ago, Europe was under the yoke of a madman. US troops played a huge role in ending this reign of terror. For this, I thank you.
Seventy years ago, and again sixty years ago, the creeping growth of violent communist revolutions needed a response. You spearheaded this response. For this, I thank you.
Twentyfive years ago, a madman attempted to overthrow a sovereign state. You interceded and prevented this, severely curtailing the power of said madman. For this, I thank you.
Twenty years ago, a terrorist thought it was wise to target you. Your response brought him to justice and introduced democracy in not one, but two states that were hotbeds for all kinds of horrors. For this, I thank you.

For the past century, your soldiers have fought and died to make this world, my world, a safer place. I live in freedom and safety thanks you your sacrifices, and from the depths of my heart, I thank you for those sacrifices.