Soulriders of the Felwen, Shadowsong - Eu, 25 man raiding 11/14 heroic 3 days a week, Semi-casual.

We are currently recruiting to help with progression in SoO Heroic 25 man and for WoD Mythic, We’re currently 11/14 down with 50% on Blackfuse. We aim to clear SoO heroic and get our raiders a cool iron scorpion mount by the end of this expansion.

About Soulriders:
A semi - casual 25 raiding guild on Shadowsong-EU, that’s been raiding since MC days, we raid three days a week:
Tues, Thurs and Sun, between 1930 - 2300 server time.

The guild leadership have raiding / leading experience dating back to Vanilla, some of whom have raided at a high level previously.
We try to operate a no drama, friendly environment where people help each other out and have a laugh in guild, however during raid time we put our “Game faces” on and treat each challenge as seriously as possible with high standards of ourselves and our raid team, whilst doing so in a relatively relaxed atmosphere.
We've adopted the Philosophy of "Adapt to overcome", whilst our strategy may not be recognized or advertised as the "Right way", we'll come up with something to ensure which ever boss we're on dies!
Our previous accomplishments are:

SoO 25 normal:- Garrosh Hellscream
SoO 25 HC 11/14

All previous content cleared on normal with at least some heroic bosses killed.

Flasks and Pots are mandatory for raiders / tryouts; however the guild generally funds repairs, food and enchants for the raid team.


We are a steady progressive guild, so if you’re looking for hardcore progression “killeverythingnowgogogo!” Guild, we’re probably not for you….
That said, we’ve been upping our standards recently.
Therefore our minimum requirements for recruitment are:-
1. Minimum ilvl of 560+ with meta and legendary cloak
2. Being able to at least keep up with our mid / highest dps / Hps,
3. Being prepared for progression, know tactics and know/ consistant research of your class
4. A good attitude, willing to listen and take constructive criticism to better yourself.
5. Minimum of 70% attendance, the more the better. Be prepared to rotate in and out if necessary.
6. We operate Vent and use DKP, be familiar and able to use both !
Please whisper an officer in game with any questions you may have:
Ranged lead: Bacchanalian,
Melee lead: Sostratus,
Healer lead: Nemesisx,
Tank lead / GM: Tipton.

Have a look at our Forums soulriderseu where you can post an app, or create a char on Shadowsong-EU and /w an officer (Tipton, Bacchanalian or Nemesisx).

Or Battletag Tipton#1663
and WIndy86#2593