<Outer Heaven> is a budding progression guild with the intent of making a name for ourselves come WoD. While we are a progression guild, we do not follow a hard core schedule and our raid environment is very lax. With that being said we are currently 8/14 HM and are seeking more highly skilled/motivated players to help continue our progression and to hopefully be apart of our core 20 man team come WoD. We carry a very modest ilevel requirement of 545 for players of high skill, efficient communication, and common goals. So if you are a returning raider looking to get back into progression, look no further.

Website: http://www.outerheavenguild.com

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 9PM - Midnight EST


- Paladin: Protection (N/A), Holy (Low), Retribution (N/A)
- Monk: Brewmaster (N/A), Mistweaver (High), Windwalker (Low)
- Mage: (High)
- Warlock: (High)
- Warrior: Protection (N/A), Fury (Low), Arms (Low)
- Druid: Guardian (N/A), Restoration (Low), Feral (N/A), Balance (High)
- Rogue: (N/A)
- Priest: Discipline (N/A), Holy (N/A), Shadow (High)
- Hunter: (Low)
- Death Knight: Blood (N/A), Frost (N.A), Unholy (N/A)
- Shaman: Restoration (N/A), Enhancement (High), Elemental (High)

<All exceptional players feel free to apply regardless of class/spec>

This is the time to form a great relationship as a guild and ready ourselves for the grind come WoD launch. If you feel that you have what it takes and want to give it a shot then feel free to contact us at any of the following real-ids: Ziquan#1606, Nanaki#1282, Optics#1806