What can Leap and Rend offer you:

Raiding: A fun, progression orientated yet relaxed raiding environment with seasoned players who've known each other for several years and have experienced raiding at a high level in the past.

Sociability: Being in a 10man guild to a lot of people can be boring at times with only a few people online at times, however we see this as an opportunity to get to know your team mates and play together with them so you can integrate into the guild faster and become a part of our tight knit community!

What does Leap and Rend require from you?

Attendance: We raid Fri-Mon from 1900-2230 GMT, we request that every member meet our requirement of at least two of those four raids per week, we understand people do have lives outside of World of Warcraft and that sometimes you won't be able to meet this requirement due to exams/holidays, we just ask that you notify us beforehand of such circumstances interfering with your attendance.

Dedication: As previously mentioned, we're a tight knit group of players who've played together for a long time, if you're the type of person who wants to make long term friends and consider the people you play with more than just a person in a game and wish to make and reach goals in raiding with those people, then this might just be the guild for you.

Communication: Being able to speak, read and understand English as that is the primary language of the guild is a must, having a microphone is preferable and you will be asked to get one if you're joining us, we don't expect or want everyone on mumble to chat throughout the raid but being able to talk at crucial times can be the difference between succeeding and failing.

MoP Progress:


6/6 MSV Heroic
6/6 HoF Normal
4/4 ToES Normal


11/13 ToT Heroic (pre-5.4)

Current Progress:

13/14 HC Siege of Orgrimmar

Currently Recruiting: several classes, including healers and melee/ranged DPS

If you'd like any additional information feel free to visit our site here or whisper one of our officers in-game.