Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. Time to get crazy and avoid lasers, magnets, missiles and mines, oh my! Welcome to the Siegecrafter Blackfuse Heroic 25 man guide. There is a lot to cover in this guide and there are a lot of perspectives you’ll be seeing. But first, as always we need to say the generally accepted numbers for tanks and healers. 2 tanks are absolutely necessary and this fight is mostly 4 healed. If you have a high amount of dps or some good composition that allows you to use less people on the conveyor belt, you could bring additional healers but besides the strong tank damage in the encounter, there are just bursts of healing that can be covered by 4 healers.

So I just mentioned the conveyor belt and that’s one of your major strategy decisions that affects just about everything in the fight for you. Its also the major change for heroic mode. As usual, 3 weapons roll out and you have to decide which one to kill per belt. The ones you don’t kill, of course come to life on the other side of the room and do nasty things to those still on the platform with the boss. The change for heroic is that they do even nastier things sometimes, yay! Essentially when the assembled weapons come out, they will either be just like normal mode or they will be overcharged by the boss.

So lets take each weapon in turn and give you the changes if a weapon gets overcharged. For the overcharged missiles, 3 missiles come down and do their ragnaros wave type thing that knocks you into the air just like normal mode. Unfortunately, you actually have to kill the missile itself where it lands or it will continue to pulse out more and more shockwaves screwing your raid positioning royally.

Overcharged mines decide to have babies. On 25 man, 8 large mines come out and each time you destroy the big mines, they split into 2 smaller mines. All this really means is its time to do some huge aoe and slowing to keep the massive amount of mines off your raid. Getting hit by a mine is a huge no-no here.

Overcharged lasers is actually one of the easier ones to deal with although it makes the platform look nastier. Essentially the laser splits into 3 and covers a large part of the platform in fire. The areas covered are the same every time so its not so bad, it just limits your movement if you screw up other portions of the fight like sawblades.

Lastly, the overcharged magnet pulls you in doing aoe damage but will also reverse polarity and push you away from the magnet. While that doesn’t sound too bad on the surface, recognize that the sawblades also get pulled and pushed around and can slice back and forth through your raid if you aren’t in the right place to avoid them.
So those are the big mechanic changes for the main platform. Before moving into strategy let me mention the heroic change for the conveyor belt. The lasers move. Yeah, it sucks. But its predictable. The opening in the lasers will move from right to left so you can plan ahead on when to move through. Get through quickly as the opening doesn’t last long either on heroic.

As I mentioned earlier, your choice of what to do on the belt with the weapons dictates your strategy. I can only describe in detail the approach my raid group took but recognize there are other strategies that are completely valid. My raid group chose to prioritize the Missiles as much as possible. If there was no missile, they would kill mines and on the last belt we would kill the laser. Many valid strategies kill the mines as much as possible to avoid having to aoe the crap out of them. They’ll deal with the missiles by positioning the boss on the landed missile and cleaving it quickly. Pick your poison here.

Regardless of the strategy, once you settle on one, you’ll get a predictable set of Overcharged weapons from Siegecrafter. So in our strategy it broke down like this. I'll leave this list up for a bit and post it in the comments for reference.

# Belt Composition Kill Overcharge Normal
1. Crawler Mines, Missile Turret, Laser Turret Missile Mine Laser
2. Crawler Mines, Missile Turret, Laser Turret Missile Laser Mine
3. Electromagnet, Missile Turret, Laser Turret Missile Magnet Laser
4. Crawler Mines, Missile Turret, Laser Turret Missile Mine Laser
5. Electromagnet, Crawler Mine, Missile Turret Missile Magnet Mine
6. Crawler Mines, Crawler Mine, Laser Turret Mine Laser Mine
7. Crawler Mine, Missile Turret, Laser Turret Missile Mine Laser
8. Electromagnet, Crawler Mines, Missile Turret Missile Magnet Mine
9. Crawler Mines, Laser Turret, Laser Turret Laser Laser Mine
10. Crawler Mines, Missile Turret, Laser Turret Missile Mine Laser
11. Electromagnet, Missile Turret, Missile Turret Missile Missile Magnet
12. Crawler Mines, Electromagnet, Laser Turret Laser Magnet Mine

So lets dive into the approach to the main platform with the boss. For tanks, I’ll explain their strategy a little later but generally consists of tank swapping for the shredders and keeping in range of healers as the raid moves around. On the pull, the boss is moved over towards the conveyor belt on the right side of the room. This is done to allow mines and other mechanics to be dealt with quickly with cleave. The raid starts over here except for any warlocks you have. Warlocks provide portals at the back of the room and you don’t want those despawning if some of the belt team requires them for quick movement.

The general approach on the platform is that lasers and sawblades need to be placed either to the left or behind the raid as you are facing the boss and right side conveyor belt. The first two sawblades are fairly important to be placed in the same general area to be used by the tank to help kill the first shredder. Responding quickly to both lasers and sawblades is super key for the platform team. You generally want to scoot little by little to the right side as you are looking at the boss. So taking a look at the raid markers down here, you see people move from between purple and green all the way across to red. As you watch the footage, you see people dropping sawblades to the left of the raid and trying to kite the lasers back and away from the raid to not limit the space.

This general movement pattern continues until you get an overcharged electromagnet. At this point, the raid will group up over here near the red raid marker to avoid the sawblades. The damage is pretty regular here so if you want to blow some raid CDs in this area you can, but you also might want to save some for any overloads from the shredder when it has high stacks. You’ll get overcharged electromagnets after belt numbers 3, 5, 8 and 12. So this sort of sets your pattern for movement. Keep going left to right, then group up for an overcharged magnet. After its done, head back as far left as you can and repeat.

So that covers the basics of raid positioning, now lets talk mines. If you choose the strategy that I’m detailing here, mines are going to be your biggest pain in the arse. Strong aoe classes are great here as well as classes with blanket slows like DKs, mages, and hunters. No matter what is going on, mines are everyone’s responsibility to control. Remember you’ll have 8 big ones hopping down and after each one of them is dispatched, you’ll get another 2 small ones. If the raid is generally aligned, the mines should be fairly grouped up to be slowed, stunned, and aoe-ed down. What is a big pain is that mines can fixate on melee dpsers and if they aren’t careful, that can result in a lot of explosions. Ranged should have the responsibility to blow mines up in general and melee just needs to help out as much as they are able to without getting in trouble with the fixates and explosions. Get used to it, you’ll be doing this a lot. One last tip here, if you have any engineers, have them put the EMP tinker on their belt and use it for mines. It doesn't share a DR with any other stun and it will be up for a good portion of the mines.

So that’s about it for general main platform strategy. Go left to right, group up on the side of the platform when the overcharged magnet is out and place sawblades and lasers to the left or behind the group. Kill mines, kill mines and kill some more mines. Now on to the tanks. This ain't your momma's simple tank swapping for a debuff fight. In general, what you are aiming to do, is kill the shredder right after a death from above when he is vulernable. This can also be done with the shredder in range of the boss and healing so you have to bust out some major cooldown juggling in terms of surviving high stacks as well as dps cooldowns to kill the shredder before the next one spawns.

Given I wasn't a tank here, I solicited our tank's advice on what they did. Here are the major points. First up, surviving a boss frenzy is no joke. Be ready whenever a weapon is destroyed on the conveyor belt or a shredder is defeated, the boss will be swinging hard. Now as to the stacks, here is a general rundown. Tank A gets 3 stacks and grabs first shredder. Uses any relevant sawblades away from the boss to kill it. Tank B takes 2 stacks. Tank A taunts off and gets two more stacks putting them at 5 to easily slaughter the next shredder. Tank B takes a 3rd stack. Tank A gets a 6th stack very carefully and kills 3rd shredder. Tank B takes next 3 stacks putting them at 6. Tank B kills next shredder, Tank A loses their stacks, Tank B loses stacks too. Tank A goes back up to 5 stacks, kills next shredder. From here its the same, Tank B gets a couple stacks, then lets Tank A get back to 5 and kill shredders, etc, etc. Around the time of the last shredder, some tank will have 6 stacks and can kill the shredder but its probably more useful to just kill the boss at this point. We're talking 13th belt time at this juncture.

Another key point is to try to help out with some vengence stacking. So for example, if you are supposed to taunt off at 5 stacks for the next shredder but its not out yet. Let them keep tanking until the shredder is out or the 6th stack is about to be applied. This way there is even more damage going out to that shredder to kill it quickly. Note that the tanks' jobs here are fairly important. If shredders don't die quickly, you get more overloads which taxes your healers. Work all of this out as much as you can ahead of time with tanks and be ready for external cooldowns for the application of 5th and 6th stacks on either tank.

Last point to mention with respect to tanks is that positioning death from above is hard to do. The shredder is janky in its movements so its almost better to just call out to melee to move than try to drag it away and then back in for extra cleave. Melee, good luck watching for this plus mines, plus all the fire. Volunteer for belt duty if you can. Just kidding, its doable obviously. We had a fairly melee heavy group for the kill so just be aware and you'll be fine.

Now that tanks are good to go, I think we’re near the end here. Dps-wise you strive to kill him as the 13th belt is happening if not sooner. He enrages at 10 minutes and it’s a pretty quick enrage and slaughter to your raid. After the 12th belt, you will regain the belt team to help finish him off so just don’t panic and dodge some missiles and beat him down. Lust is best used on the pull as everyone will be minimally moving at the start and can get a good burn in before the fun stuff starts to happen. You might even just send 2 or 3 people up to do the belt on the pull because they’ll have the benefit of their pre-pot and lust. It could let the other few people on the belt team assist in burning him lower which is obviously a good thing for ending the fight earlier.

So that’s all for this guide on Siegecrafter Heroic. Tanks, work out your taunt rotation, survive high stacks and survive boss frenzies while also avoiding all the crap in the area. Healers, don’t panic, watch tanks and keep the raid ticking back up in between overloads and use cooldowns during magnetic crushes. Dps, place sawblades and lasers in the appropriate positions, blow up mines, and do your best not to panic with all the crap going on. That’s a big key, don’t panic, execute and you’ll get this done. Here are healing and dps meters from a recent kill for comparison’s sake. I'd also like to thank some contributors to this guide as I was on the conveyor belt the entire time so most of these perspectives aren't mine obviously. Kayara, Sonfal, and Hexudo are the raid point of views you saw. Assistance writing the guide came from the strategy thread in the guild's forums. Specific tank points came from Aggathon and Blacklungs. Thanks you guys! As always, please comment, like and/or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and have a good one!