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Thread: Talk Azeroth w/Olivia -- Ep 30 - BEING BETTER AT WOW

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    Talk Azeroth w/Olivia -- Ep 30 - BEING BETTER AT WOW

    Sorry for the lapse in videos guys. but I'll keep them coming now!

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    I will never be a kaz.. no one can reach the utter awesomeness of you.

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    The price of the expansion I thin k is about right. MOP has been out for 1 year, Catackleism for 1 year, given 2 years at a "For real" inflation rate of 10-15 percent...... say thank you to a government that is paying bills by printing money.......

    Everyone has been talking about "Insta 90 Matic" stuff for the last 3 shows now I am glad you decided to talk add ons as a change of pace.

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    With respect to WoL, what can be sometimes even more useful than looking at the top parses in the world is looking at the top guilds on your server and finding that BM hunter or resto shammy in the #1-5 guild on your server and see what they do. I find that some of those top ranking parses on WoL are people cheesing the fight in some manner just to get that top rank which may not be helpful for someone wanting to improve their normal raid performance as a part of their entire raid group. I know that because a former guild of mine used to do that, "hey, lets 1 heal Megaera 10m N and get our druid a top5 rank." It was of course impressive that people can do those types of feats and entertaining to the group to spice up a boring farm night but not terribly useful for evaluating your performance relative to a "normal" raid team.

    And another quick tip, there is a very very simple add-on called "Autolog" (there is also a version for ElvUI). It just allows you to automatically turn on the combatlog whenever you enter a raid instance in a raid group. I found it handy when I was the one always producing the logs to upload them. And of course, be careful to turn this off if you are just occassionally interested in logging your performance. WoW combat logs get huge very quickly and can actually start to drop your system's performance if they aren't cleared regularly. The clients for WoL and others do this automatically most of the time, but be cautious.

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