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Thread: (H)< Nocturnal> US-Nordrassil Heroic guild looking for dps

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    (H)< Nocturnal> US-Nordrassil Heroic guild looking for dps

    <NOCTURNAL> of Nordrassil is a late night 25man guild now recruiting for our push into Mists! We are looking for some exceptional players to aid us in what we enjoy most about WoW; Progression content. We have been an active guild since 2008 with dedicated and down to earth individuals; and we would like you to be a part of our group.
    We Raid as a 25man group Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays- 10:30pm-1:30am (PST
    Live Stream (during raid times)


    What we have downed thus far is as followed:

    Current Progression
    10/14 Heroic
    Past Achivs
    ToT- 3/13 heroic
    MSV- 2/6 heroic
    Heart of Fear- 6/6
    Terrace-4/4 (first boss hard mode)
    Heroic Dragon Soul-8/8

    Loot system:

    *What we expect from you:
    *Dedication to the raid team. 90% attendance and commitment to
    our raid schedule.
    *Willingness to improve your self and help the raid team. Willing to
    receive positive and constructive feedback.
    *Knowledge of your class and boss fights.
    *Excellent Raid Awareness

    *What we can offer you:
    *A laid back fun raid environment with funny and amazing people.
    *Progression focused guild.
    *We will provide flasks, food, enchants, Gems & repairs for our raid

    *Guild uses Mumble for the communication method

    **Please feel free to contact Caryn or Minko for any questions or concerns. Or add Minko to
    Real ID: Minko4000#1590
    http://nocturnalguild.info/ <----- Apply here.


    Recruiting all dps classes except for mages. Must be at least ilev 555.
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