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Thread: [Heroic] 25 M Siege of Orgrimmar - Malkorok

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    [Heroic] 25 M Siege of Orgrimmar - Malkorok

    Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. Weíre continuing on into Siege of Orgrimmar and this is Malkorok Heroic. You may be noticing a few additional people hanging around here. Yep, thatís right, Iím doing 25 man heroic raiding now. Most likely for the rest of the tier, Iíll be putting out 25 man guides. For at least the next few bosses, I do have experience with the fights on 10 man so Iíll note some of the differences. But back to the boss at hand, its time to stand in the thing, then donít stand in the thing and add some bubbles to the raid?

    The bubbles are one of two mechanic changes for heroic. Basically throughout the entire fight, little bubbles will spring up randomly around the room. They are called orbs of corruption and 5 spawn every 3 seconds on 25 man, 2 spawn every 3 seconds on 10 man. If any raid member touches a bubble, it will go away and remove any healing shield built up on that raid member. Depending on the strength of the shield as well, it may actually take some health away. They are to be avoided for the most part and handled separately. Bottom line, bubbles are bad.

    The second mechanic change for heroic is that every time Malkorok knocks you into the air with Seismic Slam, a little ooze spawns where he hit you. This ooze should be tanked and it has an aura on it that everyone near it is slowed significantly. This is all fairly easy to deal with as long as these oozes are tanked in the middle and killed off with some cleave. But it does mean your melee and tanks should get used to moving very slowly throughout much of the fight.

    So there we go, bubbles to avoid and oozes that slow you. The rest of the normal phase is unchanged but is of course, all the more deadly. The bubbles really limit how well you can move around so that puts into jeopardy the soaking of the Imploding Energy void zones. You really have to cover the room evenly with players who can jump in and help out soaking. On 25 man, there are 7 void zones, and 10 man is still 3. You can get unlucky and have 4 zones spawn all in a cluster and thus need everyone to pay attention to their little section. As always, if you are soaking a zone, try to use a personal cooldown to make it easier on your healers.

    So thatís all that you need to worry about for the normal phase of this encounter. Lets move on to Blood Rage and then weíll come back to touch on a few strategy points for the fight overall. The change for heroic in the Blood Rage phase is that anyone who gets the Displaced Energy debuff will be rooted. So in normal mode, youíd usually just have these people run out from soaking the cleave of the boss. In heroic, they canít move. And you certainly donít want to dispel them while they are in the group. So how you handle this depends a lot on group makeup. In both 10 and 25 man, if you have two druids in your group, you win. Have both of them spec into Stampeding Roar and have them alternate doing it just after the debuff goes out. Stampeding roar clears the debuff without exploding it so you can just laugh at this mechanic and heal through the bossí Blood rage swings.

    If you donít have 2 druids, youíll have to start getting creative. On 10 man, many guilds have the tanks either dual soak the cleave or solo soak it. A lot of that approach is highly specialized to the tank makeup and gear they have. For example, the tank trinket that drops off of this boss apparently makes it even easier to solo soak. Iíve heard monk tanks and paladins have an easier time doing this than DKs or warriors. And Iím not sure if its even possible to have tanks solo soak this on 25 man. Iíd guess not. Thus, if you canít solo soak and donít have two druids, what you are left with strategy-wise is to move the raid as a whole away from those people who have the debuff. So imagine 3 raid positions. You start at the first spot, then as soon as the debuffs go out. You back away from that position to the second position. Once the people are freed or the debuff expires, they rejoin the group. Repeat again for the second debuff and move to the third position. The key will be to move as a group so that the whole raid group is still soaking the cleave. Tricky stuff, but sometimes necessary in a 10 man group.

    Just heal your butts off in Blood Rage and head back to the normal phase. But before we leave Blood Rage, its time to talk some other strategy points. The most critical one seems to be dealing with the abundance of bubbles all over the room. Blood rage is one of those times where you can clear up a lot of the bubbles. During the normal phase, even if you use a personal cooldown to reduce the damage, popping bubbles can be a dangerous affair unless you have a cooldown that is a complete immunity. Paladins and rogues have this but like my hunterís deterrence will still have me taking some damage from popping a bubble. Except during Blood Rage, things seem to work a bit more properly during that phase.

    Thus you want to plan on sending a couple people out to clear the room out. Even better if those people have speed boosts such as engineering rocket boots or whatever. Shadow priests with dispersion, hunters with deterrence, rogues, pallys, all make good bubble poppers. Just be sure to not go too crazy if you get into a cluster of bubbles. If your Blood Rage strategy is to have tanks solo soaking the cleave, you can have everyone in the raid chip in with popping bubbles as there is no other raid damage going out. Healers will be focused on the tanks, but popping your personal cooldown and clearing 3 or 4 bubbles would not be unheard of for every class. Again, it depends on your strategy so slice this up however you want to. But ideally you want the room fairly clear once you reset into the 2nd normal phase.

    At that point, the fight is a simple rinse and repeat. The boss is doing a little more damage due to his stacking buff but thatís all there really is to it. Keep soaking void zones, donít stand in the breath and donít pop bubbles if you can help it. He enrages after the second Blood Rage phase so youíll really need to push it depending on your dps. Speaking of dps, this footage is from a kill with 5 healers and 18 dps. Progressing on this fight you might need 6 healers for 25 man. In 10 man, this has been easily 2 healed depending on the strength of your healers. When learning the encounter, you might go with 3 healers to get people used to avoiding bubbles and soaking void zones. Up to you.

    So there you have Malkorok heroic. Tanks, trade off for stacks as normal and maybe get ready to solo soak blood rage. Healers, keep everyoneís shields up and watch people who soak void zones especially. Crank out the heals in blood rage as usual. Dps avoid bubbles unless you are assigned to soak them at some point. Soak void zones and pew pew hard. Here are dps and healing meters for this kill for comparisonís sake. Thanks for watching and please comment, like or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and have a good one!

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    25man heroic blood rage can be solo soaked. Our warrior tank has done it since our first kill of this boss since week 3 of heroics. Requires the trinket from panda council and external cds like pain suppression and guardian spirit. This makes for an easier phase and allows tour tank to top the dps meters.

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