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Thread: Help with Prot pally DPS?!

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    Help with Prot pally DPS?!

    Right guys.

    Maybe its just me.. maybe im being abit worried over nothing.
    im 548-550 prot/holy paladin.
    i play on Ravencrest and my Tank is called pallymath.

    im Currently trying my luck at SoO normal mode. hopeing to gear up the best i can to get into some HC raiding.
    i feel like i can tank perfectly fine, i seem to know my class quite well and how to mitigate ext ext.

    however i get abit mad when a druid/dk/monk ( some reason dont see many warrior tanks.. )
    out damages me by something Tragic.

    at 548 ilvl im currently pulling between 60-65k dps.
    ive played with monk's and druids at about 555 and lower. that are pulling 200k...

    am i doing something wrong ... or am i just worrying over nothing?

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    Get Expertise capped.

    DPS is a function of 3 things for tanks proper rotation, Uptime on target, and vengeance. Proper rotation we'd need some sort of logs to to see what you're doing. Vengeance should be equal, unless one of tanks has more adds. Uptime, on most fights both tanks should have about 50% uptime on the boss, but the tank that pulls will generally have a slightly better.

    My ~548 Pally does about 100-150K on things like Juggs, sha of pride, or shaman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    Get Expertise capped.
    1: To be more specific, get as close to 15% expertise as you can without dipping under. Being 2.47% over cap is wasted stats that do nothing. So, you have about 400 expertise rating to ditch.

    2: Not sure why you have a Ret tier chest, but in case you're wondering, the T16 Prot 4 set is worth a LOT more than maximizing haste through non-set pieces.
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    You're definitely capable of doing more DPS, however not all tank classes are equal in all regards. Comparing yourself to say a Druid or Monk may just be silly. You should really be looking at yourself on say World of Logs and comparing yourself to other Paladins. Don't fall into the trap of comparing things that are inherently different. As an example, solo tanking Sha of Pride I (a 570 Druid) did nearly double the damage of our other tank (a 569 Warrior) who solo tanked it the week before (they did 52% the DPS I did). And before you ask, solo tanking this fight is possible once you can force the 30% transition before the second Swelling Pride. You should really be comparing yourself to other Paladins.
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