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Thread: Changes That Crippled WoW

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    Cross-realms is what halfway killed it for me. I miss the days where I got to know the people on my server, and you fostered a sense of community because your friends pitched in to help you out when you needed gear and stuff (and you returned the favor) because there was nobody else to help you. PvP was all about rivalries (good natured most of the time) and if someone was a jerk to someone else, everyone knew about it and you were held accountable. Because the raiding pool was capped by the people on the server, we had community outreach programs to help like-classed people get better at what they did. So I never really got into PvP, and don't have a lot of opinions about Resilience as a result.

    Now? PvP and LFR is a bunch of strangers and people use the anonymity to jump into the queue without a clue. It's a crapshoot for what you get, and people think it's okay to stink on ice 'because it's LFR'.

    The second serious pain point for me is tier gear tokens designated for specific roles without really checking for class popularity. :P I know it's a gimmick to get people coming back week after week, but when half your raid is composed of the people all fighting for the same gear token, it lowers the overall gear quality of the raid when 1 token drops (in 10s) and it's the token for the 1 or 2 raiders who already have it. Sure, they added the tokens on Celestials/Nalak/the Sha of Anger world boss on individual loot, but you also had the loot table full of PvP gear that a PvEr only needs if they're on that leg of the legendary quest. So outside of collecting a group big enough to kill a world boss (and fighting with the other faction for the tag sometimes) or waiting for a Celestials-style nerf, you're up against your raid composition to gear the raid properly. Which leads to loot drama. Our allied guild lead calls it 'Oh, look, a token of 'half the raid.' (they have: two druids, one mage, one rogue, and two death knights. we have: four druids (2 bears, 1 resto, 1 boomkin), one mage, and one death knight. ) For all of Wrath and Cata, the druid/rogue/mage/DK token was the only token that had four classes on it. Which meant jumping into LFRs (extra personal time spent raiding with idjits) or Flex (leading to grumbling about having 'lesser' gear drop runs) and faster burnout.

    Mana Pool Caps. The Cata mana pool cap destroyed the distinction between 'endurance' healers and 'burst' healers - in our 25 mans, we had a specialist 'burst' healer who gemmed and enchanted for big numbers who was the tank healer, and folks who were raid healers who went for long-term mana conservation. Druid healers could opt for a setup where you never had to worry about mana because your Innervate would come off of cooldown right as you hit the 50% mana mark, so unless the raid damage was ugly or the other healers were dead, you just had to play whack-a-mole and stay out of stuff on the floor. Most of the DPS have some gimmick that gives them back their mana, making it a null option, but healers's version is not worth more than a couple of extra heals at best. It's what turned me off of healing altogether, and I was resto in Vanilla and BC and Wrath, and our guild's heal lead until I quit.

    Active Mitigation. Don't get me wrong. I love playing the Savage Defense game, but I'm in the minority. At the start of MoP, it was a very rude awakening for tanks who didn't get it, and I _still_ see tanks in LFR to this day who don't bother with it/don't know it, and they are extremely hard to heal. I know a monk who tanks for a weekend Flex group who can't get their Shuffle above 50%, a druid tank whose SD gets above 20% only on a good day and skips FR altogether, a paladin who doesn't put up SS when that's their talent at that tier, and our warrior tank quit playing because he didn't want to manage his rage for defensive purposes (he was very much a 'I just want to stand in front of the boss and look cute' tank in the previous expansions). A tank that doesn't perform their AM properly is a less squishy, poor DPS.

    Anyway. Soapbox off.

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    What bothered me most is what they destroyed the story, resurrected pretty much every likable villain/hero, and made up a bunch of stuff that didn't make sense
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    Sorry to revive this but I'm seriously considering going back would just like to get a new computer. What's the status on flex raiding, and plz tell me LFR has been phased out.

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    Flex is flex, it's much like pugging was back in the day, they tend to want higher ilvls than what drops from the instance. LFR is still LFR.
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    Maybe I've gotten better over the years, but I find flex much easier than normal used to be. LFR ain't going anywhere, and it's really not that bad if you keep your expectations low; it's a place to take alts and get some gear.

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