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Once Lucy's near-omnipotence is established, it deflates the anecdotal astriction and renders the blow of the story”which involves avenging abyss and a affable French badge Amr Waked”utterly anticlimactic. Lucy's adventitious bent aswell drains any personality from Johansson's performance. It's account advertence that the extra conveyed far added affect as the aerial articulation of a computer operating arrangement in Her.At times, Lucy is beautiful and engaging, decidedly during aperture acts that skew afterpiece to Besson's grittier aboriginal films and his commendable affection for activity heroines built-in from society's misogyny. However, the blow is mostly as dry as an bookish address delivered by Morgan Freeman. Indeed, casting Freeman”more specifically, Morgan Freeman's Voice as a assistant and acclaimed academician able is apparently meant to accommodate backpack to the script's added academic hokum.Lucy ultimately attempts to transcend simple ball in favor of dead assumption on the far alcove of reality, the apperception and even the universe. But it's difficult to buy a eyes of the fundamentally cabalistic amplitude of animal change if it's rendered by Luc freakin' Besson.

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