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Thread: Over Raided #10 - Raid Breaks

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    Over Raided #10 - Raid Breaks

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    Point of interest: as a raid-leader who is ADHD (and thus fidgety by nature and less prone to bodily shutdown) it is quite important to make sure you have a scheduled break as apposed to just playing it by feel. Otherwise you don't really notice that your raiders are getting sluggish because they've been sitting still for 2 hours.
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    I don't know...scheduling breaks on progression seems to me to be a terrible idea. You lose all momentum on a break. If you're progressing on a boss, I'd suggest not taking a break until it's obvious that it's necessary. And it SHOULD BE obvious...you should have a good idea of what your raid should be doing and if they're obviously burned, it's time for a break.

    As for some of the other points...honestly I don't understand why you'd not be doing strategizing during wipe recovery. You have a few minutes where you're running back and rebuffing...if you can't make your adjustments then...I don't know if my guild was just unique in that or what, but that was what we always did.

    I personally find that breaks MAKE me tired. I lose the mental focus that I'd had up to that point...I realize that I'm actually tired or thirsty or need to piss. I don't notice any of that while I'm in the groove of making attempts. (Farm's a different matter...but I understand my guild was backwards in that nobody wanted to show up for farm nights and everyone wanted to be there for progression. Apparently that's not the way most people are.)

    Anyway, that's my experience (albeit a bit old experience now...I haven't raided seriously in quite some time).
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    I guess it depends on how long you are raiding, 5 hours you really got to take a break, but you might can skip if it's just 3

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    I'm not going to sit in piss and shit, there will be a single break or that raid leader can go fuck himself.

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    I think a 10 minute break halfway through a 3 hour raid is acceptable. At the point when you're making more mistakes, walking away from the computer for 10-15 minutes (maybe sticking your head under the cold water tap) can do wonders for your concentration.

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