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Thread: Blackrock Depths

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    Blackrock Depths

    When you reach level 49 you get BRD in the dungeon finder, and this instance stays on the Dungeon finder for nearly 20 levels.

    My question is, when you do get this instance, which part do you know you have to Tank?
    Do you guys do them all everytime? Surely that is long and boring... and crap XP if im honest
    Or is there a way to tell which one you are meant to do?

    There is so many routes its confusing.

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    That conundrum there is why I hit Ungoro Crater and Silithus for 50-58.
    Really, I don't know a lot about hunters and the only good advice I can give is: TURN PET TAUNT OFF! ~Aggathon

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    Prison: Go through the gates, turn left onto the large causeway to the Bael'Gar. Then go back to the beginning, and go to the prison block to kill Gerstahn. If you are feeling adventurous, there are quite a few bosses and a lot of trash around that area.

    Inn: Go through the first gate, turn right, through a second gate to the door where the troll is waiting. Trigger the gate lock, run up the stairs and head left through the corridor. After killing Arglemarch and Angerforge, turn right and run across the bridge to the Inn. accept the quests offered, break the beer barrels and then kill Ribbly and Plugger.

    Emperor (City): There should be a mole-machine teleporter that will take you to just beyond the Inn to your right. Take the first corridor on the left, you'll see a quest NPC. Follow the corridor, kill the Ambassador, do the 7 dwarfs event. Accept the quest before the Lyceum. When in the Lyceum, find two flamebearers and use the torches to light the signal fires. Kill Magmus the giant, then kill a load of dwarfs before killing the Emperor.

    What I do is look at the group level. You can also ask if anybody signed up for a specific part (because that'll be the bit you land in). You could always just ask, if the group is around level 53-56, if people want to clear to Emperor. Most groups agree to that, because you can get a massive amount of experience just from the trash and the bosses.

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    Well i went back through it with my 90 mage to find all the best routes...
    I decided on
    The detention block (lower)
    Most common route
    Stright on and left into the detention block clearing trash and side rooms, before engaging boss High Interrogator Gerstahn
    Alternative route
    Straight on clear trash in main area, before going into entrance opposite.
    going full circle taking out Lord Roccor, Houndmaster Grebmar and The Ring of Law.
    Then returning to the detention block and doing the common route above

    Shadowforge City (Upper)
    through gate and left for Bael'Gar
    turn round come same way back through the second gate and enter through door on left
    clear trash in first room to use open door mechanism
    Upstairs follow round till General Angerforge and turn round go and kill Golem Lord Argelmach
    cross the bridge and do all the quest related kills in the bar area
    Out of the back of the bar and go down to kill Ambassador Flamelash
    make my way through the forge room and down to the summoners room... kill the 7 dwarfs including Doom'rel
    Into the big room for the torches etc and through the big doors to kill Ragnos
    into end room and kill Emperor Dagran thaurissan

    I ask at the start which people want to do... usually the choice depends how much time they have

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