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Thread: [A] <Outer Heaven> ~25m Stormrage (No cloak, no problem!) LF More RDPS

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    [A] <Outer Heaven> ~25m Stormrage (No cloak, no problem!) LF More RDPS

    <Outer Heaven> (US) Stormrage is a newly formed progression guild with the intent to make a name for ourselves come WoD. Currently, we are 3/14HM and are seeking more able bodied raiders who have the drive for success to round out our core. We are returning raiders who are in the same position as a lot of you, looking to get back into heroics but do not have the gear most guilds are looking for. While we are setting our core up we are still looking for people who are at least 545+.

    Website: outerheavenguild.com

    Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 9PM - Midnight EST

    - Paladin: Protection (N/A), Holy (Low), Retribution (N/A)
    - Monk: Brewmaster (N/A), Mistweaver (High), Windwalker (Low)
    - Mage: (High)
    - Warlock: ((N/A))
    - Warrior: Protection (N/A), Fury (Low), Arms (Low)
    - Druid: Guardian (N/A), Restoration (Low), Feral (N/A), Balance (High)
    - Rogue: (N/A)
    - Priest: Discipline (N/A), Holy (N/A), Shadow (High)
    - Hunter: (High)
    - Death Knight: Blood (N/A), Frost (N.A), Unholy (N/A)
    - Shaman: Restoration (N/A), Enhancement (High), Elemental (High)Enhancement (High), Elemental (High)

    This is the time to form a great relationship as a guild and ready ourselves for the grind come WoD launch. If you feel that you have what it takes and want to give it a shot then feel free to contact feel free to contact us at any of the following RealIds: Ziquan#1606, Nanaki#1282, Optics#1806 or apply on our website!
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