Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. I'll hopefully have continued heroic progression videos soon in Siege of Orgrimmar but for now I thought I'd go back and do a few guides on the achievements in Siege of Orgrimmar. These are the achievements that reward the Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider meta achievement which nets you a pretty Galakras looking mount. These achievements can be done in Flex, Normal or Heroic mode. This is part one of four and we'll talk about the achievements for the first 4 bosses in Siege, Immerseus, Fallen Protectors, Norushen, and finally Sha of Pride.

Here are some annotations to skip ahead to the particular boss achievement you might be looking for.

First up is Immerseus. The achievement is called “No More Tears” and reads, “Defeat Immerseus after killing 10 Tears of the Vale.” So where are these magical Tears of the Vale? During the Split phase of the encounter, there are two types of adds out, Sha Puddles and Contaminated Puddle. You have to root or hold back Sha Puddles for a long enough time and not let them merge with Immerseus. If you can hold them out there long enough and Immerseus reforms, they'll immediately become these Tears of the Vale. They have low health and are easy to kill off so as soon as you see them transform, kill them. The big trick of course is how do you keep them from not merging for a very long time.

For that, druids at least have 1 covered with roots. Just have them pick one and root it and then leave that one alone. Every other class should find out their stuns, slows and knockbacks. I won't go through a full list but it can be nice to have a little team working together on a big set of grouped up Sha Puddles. So for example, a hunter can binding shot the group to start. Then another hunter could do the same. Ice traps can keep them slowed, druids and shamans can knock them back far, then the Dks can aoe grip them all back. As long as you keep them from merging you'll spawn one Tear of the Vale for each Sha puddle you keep out.

The big gotcha here is that you'll likely be using 2 or 3 of these split phases to do this and thats a lot of time spent messing with this. It delays you for a long time. Even on Flex mode, this can lead to you missing the normally generous enrage timer. So have at least your healers healing up the heal adds and a dps or two killing any solo sha puddles you aren't messing with. After you achieve 10 Tears spawned and killed, you just have to kill off Immerseus and you win!

Moving on to Fallen Protectors, their achievement is called “Go Long” and reads “Transfer the Mark of Anguish to at least 5 unique players over a total of 200 yards or more during a single Desperate Measures phase and then defeat the Fallen Protectors.” This one is pretty straightforward. During He Softfoot's Desperate Measures phase, the Mark of Anguish add comes out and fixates on someone. At this point you want to start tossing the Mark around to achieve those yards. If you want to set up a preset rotation thats fine. But at least try to toss the Mark to someone very far away so you get maximum value for your toss.

So imagine everyone spreads out in a big circle. You'd want to toss the Mark across the circle to different people until you've hit at least 5 people and the Mark has gone 200 yards. My recommendation is to at least toss it to 7 or so people so that you can ensure its gone the proper length. After you achieve this in one Desperate Measures phase, you don't have to do it again in the 2nd one so just kill off the bosses as normal and happy achievement!

And now on to Norushen. His is called “None Shall Pass” and reads, “Defeat the Amalgam of Corruption without allowing any unleashed corruption to fuse with it.” To explain, Unleashed Corruption comes from the little adds that spawn when a dps is doing their test. They will periodically shoot out Unleashed Corruption and it heads straight to the boss. Your goal is to interrupt either the cast or stand in between the boss and the little add to ensure it hits you instead of the boss. There really isn't much to show here because there is a cheesy way to do this achievement.

Essentially the easiest way to accomplish this is to do it in Flex mode and don't send ANY dps into any Tests. Rotate your healers and tanks into tests so that they can soak the Black Orbs later in the fight but just have your dps pew pew the boss and do nothing else. Kind of cheesy I know but it works. If at some point Blizzard hotfixes this approach, what you would have to do is be super sensitive to any of the small adds that spawn and kill them as soon as possible. Like kill them super super quick and make sure to stand in between them and the boss. Again, you don't need to do that now if you can kill the boss with no dps doing a test but thought I'd mention it just in case.

So finally we get to Sha of Pride. This one is a little more complex to explain. The achievement is called “Swallow Your Pride” and says, “Defeat the Sha of Pride after no player has gained Pride from Manifestations of Pride while Norushen is alive.” In case you didn't know, that add that spawns in the back of the room can give Pride to the raid in two ways. One is if he gets off a Mocking Blast cast and the other is when he dies, the two nearest raid members to him get 5 Pride. So obviously the first one is preventable by interrupting his Mocking Blast and locking him down. But the second one is a bit more complicated.

We have to look to Norushen to help us out here. Remember that Gift of the Titans thing? Well besides giving you a buff if you get close to your other raid members with Gift, it also prevents you from gaining any pride. Aha! So if you connect the dots here, what needs to happen is at least 2 of the 3 people who have Gift need to get near the Manifestation before it dies and absorb the pride it spits out upon its demise. If you've done this fight on heroic, you may already know this as most strategies recommend doing this to avoid unnecessary pride in general. So get two people with gift near every manifestation and you'll get this done. Of course, remember that you only have to do this while Norushen is alive. Norushen will die at 30% when the boss does his reset thingy so you don't have to worry about this for any Manifestation after that point in the fight.

And thats it for part one of this achievement guide. Stay tuned for part two which will go into the next 4 bosses in Siege. If you have additional tips on any of these achievements or any other comments, post them below and of course subscribe and leave a like on the video if it was helpful. Catch you soon and have a good one!