I've been thinking about how we're dividing up tank duties. I have a couple thoughts.

1) maybe the scorp buff just stresses healers too much? Yeah I do a ton of damage with it but if I can't really use it what's the point? I can get better at calling for a cooldown maybe, but it might not be enough. See: other points after this.

2) talking to other tanks they have a tendency to have one tank on Ka'roz full time, and the other tank get the other bosses. once Korven is dead. We're getting good enough at Korven that I'm rarely still in scorp or in scorp for very long and can probably pick up Ioyokkuk no problem, or at the very least I can call for a cooldown or see if I can do a cancelaura macro to cancel the scrop buff. This should minimize Blacklungs dying to Ioyokkuk + Ka'roz.

3) basically from this point on I can pick up every boss, it could get a bit sticky going scorp as far as damage intake, but kaz'tik doesn't do that much tank damage and once Ioyokkuk is dead I'm usually only tanking either 1 thing or Kaz'tik and 1 thing, So probably not a huge issue.

So.... okay after typing all this out I think I'm wrong about #1, the scrop buff should still be fine, here's my ideal for tanking plan revised:

Skeer - Blacklungs Rikkal - Agg
Skeer Dies - Ka'roz Spawns
Ka'roz - Blacklungs
Rikkal dies
Korven - Agg picks up/Blacklungs - use scorp during kill
Korven Dies
Ioyokkuk - Agg
Hissek Dies
Xaril - Agg - use scorp during kill if no purple, also still tanking Ioyokkuk, will need to be great at calling tank cooldowns after shieldwall is down
Xaril Dies
Kaz'tik - Agg
Ioyokkuk Dies
Kil'ruk - Agg (I need to remember to call for a BoP to clear my debuff at some point).
Kaz'tik dies - Agg uses scorp during kill
Kil'ruk dies
Ka'roz dies - Agg uses scorp during kill

Does this sound good?