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Thread: [H] Blackhand - Twisted Legends: Casual Raiding LFM

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    [H] Blackhand - Twisted Legends: Casual Raiding LFM

    Greetings denizens of ‘Tankspot’ forums from the Twisted Legends!

    Hear our guild song! (listen to it while you read this post)

    Our Guild Motto: “Alliance go to heaven, Horde go all the way!”

    Twisted Legends is a Horde Raid and PVP guild that is looking for quality applicants to join our guild and our online gaming community (we are a presence in multiple games and MMOs). We are also open to absorbing other guilds through mergers . We originally came from Cenarius, took a break from WoW while we played other MMOs. but have decided to reboot our guild in WoW and moved to Blackhand server (Cenarius is almost dead for active Horde).

    We are also a guild presence in other MMOs, and our members often play other PC and console games together. Above all else, we also know that this is a game, and your life offline is your priority (most of the time.. we all have those days..). “RL comes first”. We do not have mandatory attendance policies, but we do ask that if you sign up for something or tell someone you'll do something, that you honor that obligation, or at least let us know if something comes up that you can't.

    Whether you join us in Twisted Legends, or not, I strongly encourage each of you that is looking for an authentic and enjoyable social/guild/game experience to really get to know the leadership and membership of any guild you consider joining. It will have an impact on your overall game experience, and since we game to have fun, why cheat yourself of exactly the right kind of guild you want/need to maximize your enjoyment of a game?! You might be shocked at the number of amazing friendships you can make, and keep, with the right guild/community!

    Being in a guild, especially the right guild, will make or break your overall game experience. If you find a group of people you enjoy talking to, trust to have your back and help you when you need it, and can count on for all manner of shenanigans, you will enjoy the game a LOT. Conversely, if you are in a guild that is horrible to you, or is boring, inactive, or just a waste of your time.. the game itself will feel the worse for it. A lot of people have come to me saying they joined a new/small guild because they were promised rank or something, and then the guild fell apart before it could even pretend to deliver a FP team, let alone Ops loot. Another issue is people who join a guild that sounds good in 2 sentences in general chat recruiting, but after joining, finding out the guild is terrible, or has terrible leadership. A bad guild can ruin a good game! If you are looking for a genuine social experience that you can enjoy, don’t join a “McGuild”, and don’t just join any guild because they send you an invite or offer you XYZ without any evidence they can deliver (this also includes the guilds that talk about what they will do when they have enough people). However, if you don’t care where you are, so long as you have a guild tag, then by all means, the mega guilds and countless small guilds with inactive leaders are waiting to tag you like a migratory animal!

    A small FAQ about Twisted Legends:

    Q: Who, or what, are the Twisted Legends?

    A: We are a gaming community that was founded by friends, on the basis of a solid guild environment that emphasized a constructive and enjoyable environment for people to maintain existing friendships, while always looking to add new people to the fold and build new relationships. We believe in play smart, talk smack, have fun, and ALWAYS have your guildee’s back! If you like “Family Guy”, then you’d love our guild. We may talk smack and have potty mouths, but bigotry isn’t allowed. We value integrity in our members and applicants, and demand nothing less than 100% honest and honorable. Also, we are NOT for the faint of heart! We are highly socialized, love to laugh, and are fiercely loyal to each other. Giggity!

    Q: What do you have to offer me as a player?

    A: Just about everything. While we are not a “HARDKORE” (because that “K” always makes it srs bizness) Raid/ PVP guild (been there, done that over the years), we believe in playing smart and competently, but primarily we play to have fun. We have a solid group of players who run instances and PVP several times a week in small groups. We have a solid team that Raids weekly, and crafters that cover the spectrum. About all we don’t do is roleplay – though we are known to get out our robes and wizard hats! We offer a stable environment with some great people. No politics, drama, or BS that seems inevitable with so many guilds. In fact, we’re pretty ruthless on drama queens or people who failed to find their manners in childhood.. it’s usually an instant gkick. We are happy to accept members of all levels or gear levels.

    What we require in our applicants:

    • Age 18+ - we are not looking to censor ourselves because minors are around. You are expected to have a grasp on basic social norms and understand that while we are pretty easy going, if you say something that is obviously offensive, you are grown up enough to apologize if it upsets someone, and make a point to not repeat the mistake. We don’t want your mommy or daddy getting in vent because you were exposed to bad words or ideas. You are also expected/assumed to be sophisticated enough to not be a bigot – diversity is a good thing when you need a group of people with varied talents to play different roles.

    • Ventrilo is MANDATORY if you want to raid with us. If you have no mic, that is ok (not ideal, but allowed), so you will need to be in vent and listening to directions.

    • A robust, immature, and healthy sense of humor. (Seriously, we’re not for the faint of heart). If you are easily offended, then honestly, you won’t like us. As a group, we strongly agree that it is important for a player to like the guild as much as the guild likes the person. We also enjoy people with a dry and cutting sense of humor, too

    • Integrity is mandatory! We expect you to treat each member of the guild with the same level of integrity you expect others to offer you. Be honest, honor whatever you commit to, and no gossip/drama. I (the GM), have very little tolerance for people who flake out on others consistently, cause trouble, or can’t/won’t be honest. If you’re a douche, go join a ‘McGuild’ that has hundreds of people and won’t care for, or about, it’s members.

    • *You need to understand what loyalty is. If you are just looking for a guild to give you crafting mats, or you’re bored and want a new guild tag, we’re not going to be the right place for you. You should be looking for a new home, with the desire and intent to stick around for a few years, if not for life (many of us have known each other 9+ years). We need to know that you are as invested in being a part of us, as we will be in embracing you into the fold. (We’re not a cult, but we drink like one!)

    • We do have a private guild website and forum that is for member use only. We do the bulk of our information sharing, Raid and guild sanctioned PVP sign-ups there, and even some off-topic chatter and talk. While casual membership in the guild does not require you register or use the forums, if you plan on being a regular attendee on our Raids or PVP events, you are required to use the forums.

    If you have read all of this this, and find yourself curious for more information, please check out our website at this link. Alternately, contact an officer in game. Send a tell or in-game message to Dorianpreist (yes, priest is not spelled right), Omarlittle, Lifedrynker, or any member of Twisted Legends can direct you to an officer.

    If you are a GM, officer or other authorized representative for your guild, and you are looking for a possible guild merger, please contact an officer directly in game. Look for Dorianpreist, Lifedrynker, Omarlittle, Judgeholden, Bonq, Piggish, or anyone with the "Twisted Legends" guild tag can help you get in touch with the officers online at that time.

    If you have read all of this, and you KNOW you want to join, please fill out the application at this link. (Applications are required of all applicants).

    Whether you join Twisted Legends, or not, I sincerely wish each of you the best possible game experience.


    PS: If you are thinking about applying to us, please do not apply if you're also applying to multiple guilds at once. We're not interested in people who are not actually sure of where they want to be. If you apply to us, and we discover that you have active apps out to other guilds you will be removed (from applicant status, or from the guild if we had accepted you) and you will not be welcome back. I know that is considered harsh by some people, but we are a gaming community where most members become good friends. If you're the one night stand equivalent of a guild hopper.. please don't bother
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