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Thread: Over Raided #7 - Deep Dive Heroic Norushen healing

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    Over Raided #7 - Deep Dive Heroic Norushen healing

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    My main is a Holy Pally and we two heal H Norushen also. I either heal it with a Resto Shammy or a Disc Priest and we do it a bit different. First we don't send the healers down, at all. We stack the raid the same way, we usually mark one of the healers as the stack point and we move in response to the Blind Hatred. By not sending the healers down we get the dps through faster and don't have enrage issues. Also, our dps time the big add kill, they know who's going to kill who's first so we don't get two out at the same time.

    I also tend not use Eternal Flame (some fights I do), but use Sacred Shield, since I using HP on Holy Radiance, I can keep SS up on about 5 people at a time. Seemed like a better choice since my HP was going to HR. I also prefer Light's Hammer.

    We don't have a lot of over healing on this since the healers aren't going down, we do about 200k hps (not a stat I really put much stock in) and it's about 25% over healing. The fight takes about 6 minutes give or take.

    And I got the shield off a coin roll last night - woot.

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    Gratz on the shield! I need that one too.

    On to the fight, you are probably correct, SS is a better use of that talent level. I notice now I tend to only have EF on the tanks if that during the end where its more intense. I may give that a shot. I haven't tried SS much I'll admit. I did it last week on Paragons but failed due to it being in the wrong section of my raid frames. I couldn't see when to renew it and such. My stupid problem of course.

    As for the strat, we kinda had to send healers down maybe not from a healing standpoint but from the dps and other test standpoint. Our warrior couldn't seem to do the test reliably so we just didn't send him at all. Sent 2 dps and heals first, then as the dps rotated through, the other tank and heals rotated through. Thus it left us with a tank that could soak 4 orbs and one that could soak 1. I don't remember all the ins and outs but it came down to one of the heals at least having to soak an orb at the end.

    As for the dps, it was all a matter of people communicating and saying, "I'm out" or "Going in, get ready to soak" or whatever was necessary. If people were standing around with no one in a test, the dps portion tended to be unreachable. Gear of course makes it easier as does practice. My hunter's group sends 1 heal and 3 dps initially now and we kill him at like 5:30, which is 1:30 before the enrage. What a difference 10 ilvls or so makes.

    Thanks for the comments and tips. I'm definitely going to give SS more of a go now!

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