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Thread: Frost rotation questions

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    Frost rotation questions

    I've read icy veins Frost mage guide but unless i've missed it a couple things i'm just not sure about.

    Using Evocation(for buff)-> Living Bomb -> Frostfire bolt(When proc'd)-> Ice Lance (When Proc'd) -> Frozen Orb -> Frost bolt.

    Now for the questions I've got

    1) Do I /stopcast frost bolts for proc's? or to Refresh Living bomb?

    2) Do I let Living Bomb Expire? Or should i refresh it? If i should refresh it when do i refresh it?

    3) When used with Time warp, wouldn't the glyph of Icy Veins be a dps increase since i'm already 1 second casting? or does it loose out because of dps loss when you aren't under BL?

    Thanks for any advice, Just recently came back and trying to get into the swing of things


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    1) Generally no, you should be prioritising LB over FB if LB would fall off before you finish casting FB
    2) You should never let LB expire, You should refresh it when it has 1 tick left, this will maintain 100% uptime and get you an LB explosion every 12 or so seconds. If you don't want the explosion (because it will break CCs or something) you need to refesh it with 2 or more ticks left.
    3) Glyph of IV is a DPS gain, and is a nigh mandatory glyph once you're at a point where having IV and any other haste affect drop FB's cast time below the GCD, usually this will be at quite a low gear level (tier 14ish)
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    Thanks for your time.
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