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Thread: Healing as Elemental Shamman while LVLING!

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    Healing as Elemental Shamman while LVLING!

    Hi all,

    Looking for not to detailed "guide" or just any guidelines on healing with Elemental (DPS) spec on while lvling on dungeons.

    I defenetly know its possible - done the tanking role so many times that I have seen the shammies that were ele (doing 1st dps) and in the meantime still keeping all alive....

    Anyone could toss some tips or just "try and wipe or try and win"?

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    Heirlooms on your shammy make a huge difference. Then, if the tank is 'loomed too, it is cake. Healing rain will cover a huge % of the damage in leveling dungeons in the mid ranges. At low level it's harder because you have fewer tools. At higher levels the damage starts to catch up.
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