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Thread: Dual wield vs. Two hander question

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    Dual wield vs. Two hander question


    My guild is just progressing into heroic content. I love dual wield frost but want to make sure I am bringing the most damage to the table. I have seen many different accounts of two handers doing more damage and other accounts of dual wield dps being tops for the class. My question is; has there been any concrete evidence that says one pulls out ahead of the other, and if so which one is it. I have seen several parses that say one is better and yet other things saying the other is better. I just want to do the most damage in a given time frame to help my guild get the boss down i could care less as to which one i prefer the look of, or prefer to play the most, i just want to do my part to get the boss down. Can anyone out there point me in the direction of concrete evidence as to which one is topping the meters for the class or is it one of those things where blizzard has the two specs so in line that they are indifferent in dps at any given time.( meaning just a couple hundred or thousand dps difference in the two specs). Thank you guys again for your time i sincerely do appreciate it.

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    Simcraft shows DW being slightly ahead on single target in T16H gear and 2H begin slightly ahead in T15HC. They really are very close i'd risk saying that the choice, in regards to single target DPS, is almost meaningless and other factors will be the deciding influence; a lot of siege encounters are AoE/cleave, and DW just does more AoE because its stacks mastery, and for cleave fights uses more HBs. However DW is a slightly more finnicky rotation so may suffer if you need to concentrate on performing HC mechanics.

    I'd stick to Dual wield unless a warforged/HC/HC Warforged 2-hander comes your way, and even then i'd prolly still go DW for the AoE encounters.
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