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Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. So what do you get the Juggernaut that has lasers, mortars, and drills already? How about a big sawblade and more mortars! Sounds like a perfect Christmas gift. This is Siege of Orgrimmar and heroic Iron Juggernaut is next up. Due to all the extra fun things this boss can throw your way, this fight is likely one that is close to requiring 3 healers. Its probably doable with 2 but its vastly easier with 3. 2 tanks, as always, are required.

As I mentioned in my lead-in, we have a few more pieces of hardware the boss throws your way. But, in general, the fight is mechanically similar to normal mode. You still need to avoid borer drills, don't stand in mortar blasts, and take care of the mines just like you did on normal. There is one change for heroic per phase so lets dive into it.

While in assault mode, the boss will periodically throw out this big old sawblade that runs through your raid and if it hits anyone knocks them back a little bit and takes quite a bit of their health. Maybe 300k or so. This blade is called Ricochet and its on about a 15 second cooldown. You'll be trying to avoid these a lot so get used to it. The only real tips I have are to try to watch it come out of the boss and quickly move either forward or backward. It seems to target a ranged or healer and then heads back in towards the boss so you can see it coming if you are far enough away. You won't die from getting hit but do your best to save your healers mana for other things.

The change to siege mode is that he will do a mortar barrage a few times while all the other stuff is happening in this phase. So not only will you have the laser following you, the explosive tar on the ground, shock pulses and seismic activity, but he'll shoot out a crapton of mortars to avoid. I'll explain our strategy for dealing with this in more detail later but the basic premise will be to cheese the mechanic a little by being very far away from him for most of this phase. We'll get more into that in a little bit as that feels like the hardest section of this fight.

But first, lets at least go in order for the phases and talk about Assault phase. Really there aren't any major changes to the execution or strategy for this phase other than avoiding ricochet. We tried to relieve a little bit of pressure from our tanks and healers by rotating 1 dps into every cycle of mines. So 3 mines came out per set and a dps would take one out of that set with their major damage reduction cooldown. So first it was me, then our mage, then our warlock. The offtank at the time would get the other 2 mines per set but if your tanks are capable of getting all 3 in a row quickly then maybe this isn't something you worry about. We just liked to have the ranged stay very far back to avoid ricochet so we might end up with a mine or two that was very far away. Whatever works for your group.

Moving onto the Siege mode phase. This healing is really rough. On top of the constant seismic activity aoe, there are 3 sonic pulses plus the mortar barrage. There is so much movement and chaos going on that you'll need a solid plan for handling all of this. We had enough dps to decide to avoid even attacking the boss throughout much of this phase. So our strategy revolved around outranging the mortar barrage.

So here's how it flowed for us. The Siege mode phase would begin. We wouldn't do anything other than our normal dps and healing until the first shock pulse was about to go out. We then all ran to this Yellow Star marker and stacked up. We threw down a priest barrier and then got knocked all the way back to this area with the 3 raid markers. We spent the rest of the phase here healing hard and dealing with the normal mechanics.

You can see the mortar barrage never reaches us so its just a matter of popping healing CDs and getting through the phase. We generally tried to hang out loosely near the Blue Square marker. Once the laser came out, we would have the fixated person run the laser out to these other raid markers on the side to avoid exploding any of the tar and then we would group back up and keep healing. Healing CDs should be used for each of the shock pulses so work out a rotation there. Tanks, you'll of course be dealing with all 3 of the mines here so don't forget about those.

With current gear levels, you are almost guaranteed to get 2 of these Siege mode phases so plan your cooldowns accordingly but 3 minute cooldowns will be back up for that phase so having a similar plan for each siege mode phase works just fine. Once you get through a 2nd siege mode with everyone alive, you are pretty much going to win.

So in summary, tanks, do your normal taunt swapping and eat mines to the face. Healers, heal your butts off during Siege mode and avoid all the stuff on the ground. Dps, punch the boss in the face and maybe help the tanks out with mines. As always, here are dps and healing numbers for reference. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!