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Thread: having installation problems

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    having installation problems

    2 days ago I was playing the game fine but then AVG popped up and said wow was a threat so without really reading it I said send it too the vault and it did and since then it wont let me play wow no matter what I do it wont let it through my anti-virus. I tried deleting the anti-virus altogether and WOW altogether and downloading it atch and still it wont install properly. I said it couldn't download a required file to play..i inserted every expansion disc I just didn't install properly for some when I install it it gets to 98 percent and just shuts down and says that it cant change the name of a certain file to another name then everything shuts down...when I click on the launcher it says that I cant play wow if the launcher isn't in the same file as the game but the game is nowhere to be found. it doesn't download fully is my guess...needless to say ive downloaded it or rather installed it 5 times at least in the last 24hrs trying numerous ways and fixes but still I get nothing its one problem after another. I deleted caches and certain folder that GMs said to delete and tried running as an administrator and still get nothing...its hard to imagine or wrap my he around that one click of "no allow this through" leads to all these problems or pest like problems. you'd think you can just go into the anti virus and simply check allow this program through and boom it works but everything is so out of whack. one small click turns into a whole mess of problems. so if anyone has any ideas let me know please on how to fix this.

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