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Thread: [Heroic] Siege of Orgrimmar - General Nazgrim

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    [Heroic] Siege of Orgrimmar - General Nazgrim

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    Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. We present to you now, the Heroic General Nazgrim encounter, the 8th boss in Siege of Orgrimmar. The general pulls another type of add out from his you know what and also decides the tanks need to pay attention more to him while tanking. This fight is all about add control for pretty much the whole fight until you burst him down at the end. It is usually 2 healed as you probably need the dps and the healing really isn't that intense if you are properly executing mechanics.

    So as I mentioned there is a new add type. That is the sniper. He's basically a hunter type guy that will fixate on a healer and then keep shooting that healer to the face while occasionally doing a big multishot cleave in front of him. There isn't too much special about this guy other than that. Whatever healer he fixates on will need to turn the add away from the raid and just take the shots until the dps can kill the sniper off.

    And the other major mechanic change is that Nazgrim will use an ability called “Execute” periodically on his current tank. Essentially this is just to make sure your tanks are paying attention. It does a massive amount of damage but is survivable if the tank is using their active mitigation. So pallys use Shield of the Righteous, Warriors Shield slam presumable, Dks will death strike, etc, etc. There is a cooldown and timer for this ability and even a cast time so if you can't see it coming and prepare then I don't know what else he could do to warn you.

    That is all the changes to mechanics for heroics. As always, things hurt more and let me especially call out his heroic shockwave ability. This ability will definitely kill anyone standing in the aftershock stuff when it goes off. So you'll constantly need to be watching out for this the entire fight. Get used to it.

    Strategy-wise the fight doesn't change too much for heroic. You still have add waves to deal with although now 3 adds come out instead of 2, you'll still want to establish a priority for adds, you'll want to beat up on him during Bezerker Stance and not touch him during Defensive Stance. Kill banners, keep his rage low, all that rot. The main thing that seems to happen in this fight is that you'll go through all 10 add waves before you can get close to pushing him past that magical 10% mark where you burn through him quickly. This means you'll get 3 defensive stances. Hopefully, you can get him around 15 or 20% before that point and then after he comes out of that defensive stance, you bloodlust and burn him down just controlling that last 5 add spawn and hanging on.

    This all means its a pretty long fight and you'll need to pay attention for a big chunk of time while adds are coming out. They take top priority over getting the boss low. You'll have about a minute after that 3rd defensive stance to kill him off so definitely keep cleaving and dotting the boss but add control is the name of the game.

    So lets dive into the adds since thats the majority of the fight. As I said, you'll want to establish a priority. We chose to kill off Warshaman first, then Snipers, Arcweavers, Assassins and finally Ironblades. You'll have many different combinations of these 5 types of adds so just keep that priority in mind and you'll be able to know how to respond. Addons like DBM will give you a heads up that the next add wave contains say a sniper, assassin and ironblade so you can prewarn your raid of priority so they aren't surprised. And as always, this was our priority list based on the strengths and weaknesses of our raid group. So many other priorities can definitely work.

    We chose to kill off shaman first for fairly obvious reasons, we didn't want any other adds or Nazgrim getting healed. With 2 healing it, the Snipers put a decent amount of stress on the healer getting fixated so we got them next. But at the same time, if there was an Arcweaver out, we stuck at least one melee dps on him to keep him interrupted as much as possible. His nuke spells hit harder and harder the more he's allowed to cast so you can't just leave him alone.

    Likewise, we also didn't just ignore assassins. Once they were popped out of stealth we kept a slow on them so the fixated person could run away and kite. He won't one shot the person if they get near, but its unnecessary damage you can avoid so you might as well. And of course, lastly we always made sure a tank was picking up the Ironblades so they didn't spin all over the raid. Make liberal use of your stuns and Ccs to help out the overall add control. I'd always be throwing down a binding shot, the paladin in our group would always fist at least one of the adds and others chipped in with frost novas and roots and such. Keep them all under control and melt them away so you can get back to hammering Nazgrim.

    As I mentioned, you'll get a 3rd defensive stance and then after that its time to lust and burn the boss. Just get the last set of 5 adds under control and completely ignore killing them. The main one to control is the warshaman. Keep him away from the boss and just survive until the boss is dead. Hey that always is an effective strategy right? Survive until the boss is dead? Yeah, yeah. One last note on positioning, the room you are in is fairly large and many guilds are in a habit of tanking the boss way at the back in order to ensure the shaman never heals him. This can still work, but we chose to move him closer to the add spawns so that people could keep multidotting and also be able to switch targets quickly Again, see what works for your raid.

    Tanks, please be sure to tankswap quickly for stacks. I know it should go without saying but you really can't afford to get a Ravager out or even a warsong so please pay close attention. So to take down a general, you need to control his adds, avoid his jumping around, and wait until all his soldiers are dead before killing him. As always, here are dps and healing numbers for reference. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!

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