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Thread: Talk Azeroth w/Olivia Ep17 - Scaling Dungeon Rewards

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    Talk Azeroth w/Olivia Ep17 - Scaling Dungeon Rewards

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    I will never be a kaz.. no one can reach the utter awesomeness of you.

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    Couple of nitpicks:

    1. In Cataclysm, after your seven weekly dungeons were done, you got zero valor from them, not reduced valor. They also didn't get you all the way to the valor cap IIRC. The Mists system of giving you 2x rep for the first dungeon or scenario is intended to split the difference, giving people options while discouraging repetition, but a 50% penalty seems to be severe enough that many players think of dungeons for valor as a daily thing.

    2. You could get a small amount of Shado-Pan Assault rep each week by doing Champions of the Thunder King. It would be pretty slow, but I bet you could have gotten to honored, maybe revered before 5.4 if you did it every week.

    I've been gearing a non-raiding alt on the Timeless Isle, just by doing the daily and killing Evermaw and the Boat whenever they come up. The pace of breadcrumbs from 496 to 535 is actually pretty good, giving me maybe two burdens a week. I don't even do LFR with this alt; I tell myself I'm gearing him up so he can kill and skin things faster.

    I'll go out on a limb and guess that if downscaled dungeons come out in 5.5, they will come in two different difficulties, rewarding 516 gear from the easier difficulty and 535 gear from the harder one (which won't have a solo LFD queue). In the next expansion, they might come in three different difficulties introduced in odd-numbered patches over the course of the expansion.

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    Odd bit of bad info but on the whole very good 9.5 out of 10 ^^ Timeless isle now a ghost town ? oh how I wish, seems worse than ever on Draenor. P.S being a kind and gentle gnome and to save you from the perils of double jet lag? like my long lost brothers the hobbits I will help you with your burden.....I will carry your ticket to blizzcon for you
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    Tips for Blizzcon

    Hello Olivia,
    I have one tip about Blizzcon. Don't eat the food there.

    A) it's really overpriced

    B) I live about 10 minutes from the convention center, and over the years every time I have eaten food from there I have paid a steep intestinal price. I missed the second day of Blizzcon 2 (the only time I was able to get tickets) because of food poisoning. I missed the musical concert where that lovely lady sang "Lament of the Highborne" live.

    So don't eat the food!!! ... and wash your hands as much as possible. Lots of germs floating around that place. The convention center is right across the street from Disneyland and there are a gazillion restaurants nearby.

    If you have friends who are familiar with the area have them take you down harbor blvd to a little shop called Joe's Italian ice. I don't think I need to explain what they sell there.

    Enjoy Blizzcon !

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    approaching almost a month since the last episode.

    8 days and counting.

    Oh wait...maybe she ate the food.

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    Episode 18 is up, we just forgot to post it, go search for it on youtube, we'll have it up soon! (I already bugged Kazey about it before I saw this post <3 )
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