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Thread: advice sought

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    advice sought

    Hello, i have heard all patch about the un-erring vision of lei shen.
    My main is a dk that i have to play on our raid team so i do not get to
    play my lock very much other than pugs and LFR. I have been destruction
    this whole time. I finally got a lei shen kill on my lock and was
    fortunate enough to get the un-erring vision. Now with the nerfs that
    have came out for locks......my question is .......i know destruction
    pretty well and was going to go demo if and when i ever got the lei shen
    trinket, but with the nerfs that just came out is it going to be worth
    it to go demo now. With my current gear am i better off staying
    destruction or maybe going to affliction and using the lei shen trink. I
    plan on playing the lock more than the dk this patch so any advise
    would be greatly appreciated.

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    Disclaimer, I do not play a warlock at max level! That said, here's my point of view on it as a raid leader.

    First of all, to my knowledge: all 3 warlock specs are ranked in the top 10 dps specs for this tier. So unless you're incredibly good (basically, able to match your sim in dps), you're probably not going to see much more than a DPS change of maybe 5k between either of your specs. Which means basically, outside of your gear being incredibly stacked in favor of one spec (stat distribution/trinkets) the spec that you are better at (or just enjoy more) is probably going to be your best DPS option. This is also obviously subject to change on a fight by fight basis though.

    Now, I mentioned your gear being able to significantly influence your dps, the Lei Shen trinket obviously fits under this category. If i recall correctly the proc rate was nerfed for Warlocks alone, because it was influencing their DPS so much. So it migh still be worth going Afflic with that trinket, I'm not sure. The best way to know would be to download Simcraft and sim yourself in Desto with your normal gear and then re-sim yourself in afflic with the lei shen trinket.
    If you do this, keep in mind that Affliction still has (from my understanding of it/in my opinion) one of the highest skill caps in the game. Meaning if you are proficient at it you will do good DPS. If you're amazing at it you do ridiculous dps. Whereas the gap between proficient and amazing for Destro isn't quite as large.

    So, overall, my answer: Spend 15 minutes Pew Pewing a target dummy in destro. Reforge for afflic and then go back at it for another 15 minutes. Take into account that you're probably going to have to move around a lot in a raid environment, and then pick the one YOU think you are going to be able to bring the most to your raid with.

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