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Thread: SoO LFR Tanking Guide

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    SoO LFR Tanking Guide

    Long time lurker here.

    I must be doing something wrong, but I can't find a decent 5.4 LFR tanking guide anywhere. I have been healing everything on my monk, but my true love is tanking. Seeing as how I have absolutely no time for organized raids, I'm stuck with LFR.
    On top of that my iLVL is only 510 in tanking gear, so people raise an eyebrow when they see me enter with barely 600k HP buffed. It kinda ruines a relaxing playing time if you have 10 wannebe elitists bash on you in LFR because of your gear. If you make any mistakes, that makes it even worse, so in order to prevent it, I have to know the tanking side of the encounters.

    I like to come prepared, even if it's just LFR, but I can't find any decent LFR tanking guides. There are a few guides with very general tanking guidelines, but nothing really detailed like what was available for 5.0 and 5.2 LFR.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction?

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    For the first two the LFR tactics are for the most part identical to the normal mode tactics so you can use those video guides, with the exception being Norushen where instead of entering the trials via clickable Golden orb, people just get randomly ported there. There isn't a taunt swap on Sha of Pride. Thok doesn't have the bloodied mechanic in LFR, instead he'll transition to a chase phase at sufficient health point.

    EDIT: and you can't open the green panda boxes on Spoils
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    Harsh Words and Steel: A Protection Warrior Guide
    MoP RPS Calculator

    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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    I stole this from reddit:

    Immerseus. Don't stand near other tank, swap at one Corrosive Blast, it's a frontal cone, so make sure no one is behind you. I like to mark one with a zone marker and explain that that is the active tank platform and tell everyone else to gtfo. During split phase kill black ones, pop a cd when most are about to rejoin, esp. during later phases. During later phases I root a black then pop three healing touches on a white one before killing any. Swirl is laughably little damage, pop a small cd if you have one and run counter clockwise through it if/when it gets to you, then run back to boss

    Protectors. Rook He Sun. Raid needs to bring each to 66 and 33 percent in that order, then kill all together.
    Rook tank needs to face rook away from raid due to his frontal (wide) cone, Vengeful Strikes
    He tank needs to face away from He when Gouge hits.
    Sun gets to be untanked.
    At 66% and 33% each boss will go into Desperate Measures, which spawns some adds that have to be dealt with.
    During Desperate Measures for Rook, Rook tank should taunt Embodied Misery and stay out of Defiled Ground. He tank should taunt and interrupt Embodied Gloom while raid kills Embodied Sorrow, Embodied Misery, Embodied Gloom in that order.
    During Desperate Measures for He, dps needs to focus on the Embodied Anguish.
    During Desperate Measures for Sun, both tanks can get in the bubble, but Rook tank should stay out unless he can avoid facing rook into rest of raid. DPS kill Embodied Despair and Embodied Desperation.

    Norushen. Talk to Norushen to start the fight. Tanking the boss is simple. Stay within range, (he's stationary) and taunt around 4 stacks or so. Taunt the mobile adds that spawn (Unleashed Manifestation of Corruption) and if you have 75 or fewer corruption, stand on the orbs they spawn when they die. When it's your turn to go into test realm, find and right click a golden orb, tank the add(Titanic Corruption) in there. You can either kill it or wait for a minute and survive. Interrupt Hurl Corruption, dodge Titanic Smash, and use cd's and self healing as necessary. Some find it helpful to circle strafe around the add. When you come out, your corruption should be cleared and you should taunt boss and soak dark orbs (from dying Unleashed's) as much as possible.

    Sha of Pride. Trash before this is a PITA. Kill a few at a time. Boss will be stationary in middle again (Stay in range). Tanks stand on the side closest to the door, all other players on other sideTaunt swap immediately on Wounded Pride Literally the only thing you have to worry about as tank (other than not standing in fire) is the Corrupted Prison ability, he'll send someone into the prison to your left. To free the person, active tank should stand on the gold thing closest to boss, inactive tank on the further one. I usually have the tanks stand a little apart just to help with not taking stand in fire damage, though they could just as easily stack if they're both attentive.

    Galakras. Requires a bit of setup. Two teams need to be created, a tower team (consisting of at minimum a tank, 1-2 healers, and 5-10 dps, (1,1,3 on 10 man)) and a ground team.
    A few add waves go by, along with a miniboss, Korgra the Snake. Once the demolisher that comes out is (mostly) dead, then the tower team needs to go up the left tower, make sure you pick up the three adds at the bottom(one on bottom, two on stairs) and kite them to the top, where they'll get aoe'd along with the miniboss, Lieutenant Krugruk, up there. Kick the rope on the front left of the tower down (right click) for later. Watch out for the Krugruk's frontal cone, he'll cast it three times in a row every 20 seconds or so. IF you get hit by it in flex or normal it knocks you off. LFR just knocks you back a bit. Down Krugruk and all adds up there. Stuns and such on the archers help the ground crew out a bit. Once all are down, if no one else jumps in the cannon, do so and kill drakes.
    Hop off the tower and help finish off more adds including another miniboss, High Enforcer Thranok, until the next demo comes out. Once it's (almost) down, tower team needs to go up the right tower, basically same deal up there, kill Master Cannoneer Dagryn then mop up adds. Hop in cannon, down Galakras (along with someone who hopefully went up the other tower, need one in each cannon to bring him down)
    Galakras in on the ground now, ground tank should face him away from the raid. Stand off to the side so you don't get debuff if you're tower tank. On four stacks, hop in front of him, and taunt. Kill (he really doesn't hurt on lfr, you can likely solo him if you really needed to)

    Iron Juggernaut. Another frontal cone debuff boss. Taunt promptly at three stacks, face away from raid. If not actively tanking, stomp on active bombs, preferably with some form of physical damage mitigation. They'll come up with the third stack if you taunt at three, which you should. I use Wild Charge for this fight because in the air you can charge to another, I usually manage to get all three but always at least two. During his Siege phase he doesn't need to be tanked, stay on top of the Crawler Mines, and have your back to the hill on his left during the Shock Pulses. This boss is a joke on lfr and flex, and even on normal it's simple.

    Dark Shaman. By far the worst fight and the worst trash so far. Clear all the trash. You'll have to do it during the fight if you don't. Easiest is at the start, just face the wolves away from the raid. Stack the bosses. The bosses share a healthpool, multidot if you can. Taunt ~3-4 stacks. Only the Earthbreaker gives the debuff. AOE for Foul Slimes, try and keep them away from other players, only if you're not tanking Earthbreaker. Move the bosses away from ground effects, usually we just move in a clockwise circle from start around the perimeter of the area. There's an alternate 3 tanking strat where two tanks bounce Earthbreaker in the alley and a third tank kites the other around the room. This is easier in terms of dodging things. Don't stand in fire. This one you should really watch a video on.

    Nazgrim. Even worse trash than previously. (just the shaman pull) One tank should hold the majority of the shaman, while the other tank pulls one away and everyone focuses that one down, rinse, repeat. Don't bother killing totems. For the boss, tank him where he stands. Taunt at three stacks or when debuff falls off. If not actively tanking, help with adds. Stun, interrupt, etc. Kill banners near boss while tanking. Dps needs to not attack boss during defensive phase, as that gives him more rage. Tanks are okay. The boss uses a rage ability every 15 seconds, will always be the most expensive he can use.
    30 Rage. Heroic Shockwave. He jumps to a random raid member, and creates firelines that erupt in 3 seconds, anyone getting hit gives him more rage. Just move away
    50 Rage. Banner. He summons a banner that makes his adds give him more rage. Kill the banner
    70 Rage. War Song. All player take 50% of max health as physical damage. Have a self heal ready
    100 Rage. Ravager. He throws a weapon at a random raid member, it spins at that location for the rest of the fight, and does a lot of damage and gives him rage.

    That should cover the first 2 wings, the guy linked icy-veins for the rest of it so I left it off.
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    Awesome, thx for the replies. This helps a lot.

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