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Thread: Norushen giving us trouble

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    Norushen giving us trouble

    It doesn't matter how we change our strategy on who goes in and who stays out we hit the berserk timer with 20 % left almost every time.Is there something that stands out in our logs or is it just that we need more dps out of our team.Any advice or help would be appreciated.



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    Logs are a bit hard to analyse for Norushen as only the zone the logger is currently in is logged. We 2 heal that fight (and every other fight so far), and have set order of who goes "in" (originally based on who pulled the most DPS but it's now just becomes a tradition), First will be a healer and the highest DPS, next will be the other healer, and the next highest DPS, the general IDea being that each DPS that goes in will spawn an add and the the next DPS on the list to go in grabs the Black orb (poo) from the previous add before they jump in.

    the General Idea being that an Add dies and spawns Poo, the poo is picked up by a DPS, that DPS goes clears their poo inside.

    so lets say we have raid that looks like this:
    Holly and Molly the healers
    the DPS are Bob, Charlie, Ben, Tony, Terry, Gordon
    and the tanks Tim and Edgar

    First pair of orbs spawn, Holly and Bob go in, Bob spawns an Add in the real world, Charlie picks up the corruption orb from it
    Second pair of orbs spawn: Molly and Charlie goes in, Charlie spawns an add in the real world, Ben picks up the poo from it.
    Next orb, Ben goes in, spawns an add in the real world, Tony picks up it's poo
    Next orb, Tony goes in, spawns an add in the real world, Terry picks up it's poo
    Next orb, Terry goes in, spawns an add in the real world, Gordon picks up it's poo
    Next orb, Gordon goes in, spawns an add in the real world, a tank, Tim, soaks the poo.

    at this point the boss should be approaching 50% health, you should aim to hit that just as Gordon come out, at which point the raid stops going in, everyone except the tanks should have zero corruption except the tanks, one whom should be on 100 (Tim), and the other on 75 (Edgar).

    At 50% health the boss spawns an add on his own, Edgar picks up the poo (he's now on 100)
    At 40, 30, 20, and 10% the boss spawns adds, 4 adds in total, remember Gordon, he's our lowest DPS (or most able to pull off mechanics) he soaks the poo from all 4 of these adds, which destroys his DPS, but mean the remainder of the DPS all have zero corruption meaning they deal more damage.

    I assume if you're 3 healing it (gordon get's benched), we would have a third healer called Polly, she should clear her stack early, probably the same time as Ben does, and its up to her to soak the last 4 poo.

    EDIT: Your tanks really needs to get their shit together as well, the warrior's rotation and active mitigation are so off, if it were milk it'd be cheese, and the prop pally's talent choices are out of date.
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    Re: Norushen giving us trouble

    We got him last night we didn't really make any changes so not sure what changed but glad we got him down.Thanks for the quick response

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