The Sevens Deadly Sins is a new guild looking to recruit for a 10man raiding team. We will be focused on Flex and Normal mode progression of Current content. Depending on how quickly and easily this content is cleared then we may attempt some heroic raids. We are not a hardcore raiding guild. We do believe that raiding can and should be entertaining (this is a game after all). But we also do like to have a clear structure, be it ranks, raid etiquette, etc.

As the GM I have been raiding since Burning Crusade. I have also been a past raid leader and officer in other guilds/servers. After about 2 years I left for a more active, less drama filled server/guild. After a couple of years as a simple raid member in other guilds, I have come to miss raid leading. I formed this guild to run this team by a set of rules that will help ensure success of the team. This is a new guild (currently level 9, at the time of this posting), but with active players and active raiding we will move up fast to reach that desired level 25. This is/will be a mature guild, we want as little drama as possible, so we will be restricting applicants to late teens (17-19) and adults. Please no young teenagers/children need apply. We do expect members to be respectful of other players, within and outside of this guild. We will not tolerate harassing and trolling other players/guilds.

Requirements for consideration are pretty simple. Know your class/role, and study the fights., i.e. watch a video or two, and read some strats. You do not need to be an expert or an elistist to apply, just have a good desire to learn and have patients. But in the end we do want to see results on progression. Raid times will be as follows: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 8:30pm to 1am (server time).

To apply, please a message to OgreDaViking on with your Toon Name, Class/Role, and ilvl for that role (not overall please). You can also message me on my main, Bytoress for more information. We will only be recruiting enough people to ensure that we have a active FULL raid team. 1 or 2 alts will be fine, but all players will be required to set a main toon and be ready and available on that toon at raid time. Alts will be ran as slot and people are available on farm content only.

I look forward to speaking with any of you about a spot on this team.