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Thread: Where does one quest next?

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    Where does one quest next?

    And how do I pick up the quests anyway?

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    There are "Command Boards" in the capital cities, usaully they're big notice boards with a Hoard symbol on them and an Orc next to them and some various bits of paper stuck to them, talking to them will bring up the Warchief's Command quests for you level. In Org they're to your right directly as you leave Garrosh Hold and there's also one near the entrence to the vally of strength. in UC its on the top floor of the inner circle, there are ones in Silvermoon and THundebluff though i can't say where. In Dalaran it's where the portal used to be.
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    I take it you can't see the picture, Teng? =D

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    I take it you can't see the picture, Teng? =D

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