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Thread: warlock question and advise sought

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    warlock question and advise sought

    Hello, i have heard all patch about the un-erring vision of lei shen. My main is a dk that i have to play on our raid team so i do not get to play my lock very much other than pugs and LFR. I have been destruction this whole time. I finally got a lei shen kill on my lock and was fortunate enough to get the un-erring vision. Now with the nerfs that have came out for locks......my question is .......i know destruction pretty well and was going to go demo if and when i ever got the lei shen trinket, but with the nerfs that just came out is it going to be worth it to go demo now. With my current gear am i better off staying destruction or maybe going to affliction and using the lei shen trink. I plan on playing the lock more than the dk this patch so any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Personal experience using the RF version of the trinket:
    Don't go Demonology. New patch and hotfixes dropped the proc rate of UVLS AND the damage of Wild Imp firebolts by 10%, and the loss of the glyph that extended Doom for when you had the UVLS snapshotted is also gone. On the new stuff I was struggling to stay at 100K DPS. Went back destruction, regemmed and reforged, 145K DPS. Demonology-Impswarm build is sadly dead, IMHO.


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