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Thread: How to fix LFR

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    How to fix LFR

    Yeah, right....that's like asking how to repair your Yugo. That was a really old reference, sorry, but I'm old.

    No, since the introduction of Flex raiding, anecdotally, at least, the most annoying aspects of LFR seem to have gotten worse. Its as if a certain percentage of the half way engaged and prepared players without a normal/heroic raid team have shifted to flex leaving the absolute dregs to fend for themselves. So far this weekend on my Horde rogue, I've joined four seperate raids and managed to kill three bosses. In between has been an absolute circle jerk of idiocy.

    As such, I've come up with a few suggestions for Blizzard to affect some changes to the system to make it more enjoyable for everyone. I've attempted to make them realistic and take into account their design focus, which is, not to please me or players like me, but the most people balanced against requiring at least a reasonable effort and time commitment.

    1.) Lock players in during combat, do not allow players to leave the raid group while in combat. It will catch people who legitimately need to leave or get stuck in bad situations but it will prevent assholes from pulling the boss and leaving.

    2.) Make boss mobs untagetabler except by designated tanks until they are engaged. It only takes one impatient person to screw the whole raid over by facepulling or poking the mobs because they are tired of waiting.

    3.) Award VP per boss but do not give it out until the wing is cleared. Of course, this is tough because people are going to leave and the raid will fill and the fillers are already pissed off and have to que up again to finish the whole thing and forcing THEM to stick around to finish it to get rewards is going to be a hard sell.

    4.) Increase the penalty for leaving the raid.

    5.) a possible solution to #4 is to introduce an entry fee of, say, 100g that is refunded if you complete the wing. Ok, this one isn't realistic.

    6.) finally, tweaks to the ilvl system that not only select based upon ilvl but on certain main stats. Tanks have to have X hp, hunters have to have Y AGI, etc. People fudge their class role all the time to get in without a long queue and it screws everything up for the rest of the raid.

    Certainly, the solution is simple....if you don't like it, don't do it. Fair enough but I have 6 lvl 90's now (sigh, I know, no life) and its hard enough getting a gig for one or two of them, especially because my T-W-Th are blocked off for night classes.

    I'd love to here more opinions on this. Yes, we all know there are a significant number of mouth breathers out there who fail at the simplest game mechanics or aspects of social interaction. That's not like to change any time soon.
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    7) Just get rid of LFR. Stupid baddie-codding, loot-handing-out, masses-appeasing bunch of crap that it is.

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    Do flex via open raid instead.
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    Hunters, Just get a Sporebat, most LFRs will be missing that buff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovinity View Post
    7) Just get rid of LFR. Stupid baddie-codding, loot-handing-out, masses-appeasing bunch of crap that it is.
    I'm not a big fan of it either and it has wrecked some of the more important aspects of the game like social interaction but its here to stay, unfortunately.

    I have been doing the flex raid through open raid with other Tankspotters and its been a lot of fun but like I said, I have other characters and besides, I am behind my fellow raiders and need to catch up, so, theoretically, LFR helps me get an odd piece here or there that can allow me to perform better.

    And to be sure, when you have a half ass decent group, its tolerable and mildly entertaining even.

    The worst aspects of it have very little to do with weak players = wipes. Its all the peripheral nonsense that adds up to it being a rotten time. If we go in and wipe 3-4 times, that's really fine with me. Its the standing around, waiting to fill, two more people leave, missing a tank, ok we got one, but he's in all DPS/PVP gear, someone runs in and face pulls, someone else starts spouting off racist/homophobe/anti whatever blabber, people cannot help themselves, won't ignore them, half the raid cries to vote kick so he drops his totems, runs into the boss and leaves party. Three more people leave....and so on.

    Its NOT "bad" players who don't know their class or are trying to learn that make it suck a colossal suck.
    your hat may be nice, but I have the little white tank top that says Legendary right across my boobs. I win. (or more correctly, H wins)

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    Your suggestions are for the most part realistic but, no matter what you do, LFR will always be 25 random people of questionable skill and gear level (mostly very bad players with bad gear and badly optimized characters), trying to kill raid bosses. No matter what measures you try to take, it ain't gonna be pretty, especially now that there is flex. As an example, I'm a heroic raider, but I did use to run LFR on my alts last tier for gear. Well now I won't even attempt it, ever, because I can just go to open raid and find a quick flex group that will award me with 20 ilvls higher loot.

    From my experience, the most annoying and time wasting LFRs are those where the group has no clue what to do. And there's not much you can do about that apart from wait till everyone knows the fights. If there are some individuals in there in the wrong gear/spec, or are abusive or being jerks by ninja pulling or w/e, they usually are very few in the raid and can very quickly just be kicked.

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