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Thread: Talk Azeroth w/ Olivia - Ep13 - Patch 5.4 Survival Guide!

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    Talk Azeroth w/ Olivia - Ep13 - Patch 5.4 Survival Guide!

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    Alledgedly the quest to get the 502 boots should survive beyond the patch:

    I'm pretty much following the other stuff. For honor points for primarily pve alts, I'd also highly recommend doing the pvp dailies on Isle of Thunder; even on relatively high pop servers it seems pretty dead most of the time, which means you can grab 500 honor points (+10% if you drop a guild banner before hand in) for about 10 minutes questing, without having to do any of that icky actual pvp stuff
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    well you got your wish .. ferals completely without any form of cc now in 5.4

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