We are an 8 year old guild that has seen some very good tiers and some middle to average tiers. We have players who absolutely get their groove on killing heroic bosses. However we have a few who will drag their feet kicking and screaming all the way after we spend the time to gear them in normals.

It is currently our goal to replace players who just leach on our gear and take a completely selfish approach that bogs down the majority of the group once it become heroic raiding time.

So, if you are content with clearing a tier on normal then feeling you have completed everything you wish to do then we are definitely not the guild for you.

We are seeking players who ENJOY heroic raiding, know the effort that it can take, and are willing to put that effort into accomplishing the goals that the guild sets forth.

Raiding is not to supply YOU the individual with YOUR next piece of shiny loot. Raiding is completing a normal tier in as little time as we can feasibly do so that we can move to the real raiding. Heroic raiding.

If that is your mind set then give us a holler.

Raid slots are always based on performance, the need of the group, and your interaction WITH the group.

Gear distribution is ALWAYS based on the need of the group with favoritism NEVER being a consideration.

The faster and harder we raid the more complete EVERYONE's shiny gear collection will be on any given tier.

Raids 7-10PM CST Tuesday-Thursday with optional catch up days occasionally on sunday/monday

inj#1944 battle tag if interested.

till then great raiding to you!